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Why The Nvidia Shield Is The Greatest Gaming Console/Handheld Ever!

Hello everyone HandHeld Lover here sorry for being away for so long. Some things came up that needed taking care of. But worry not as I have not only kept up with gaming news but I have also been gaming the whole time I was away.

Well Nvidia has been very busy since last time I graced you my friends with an article.  The Shield is set to upset traditional handhelds/consoles in a way that will prove them to be utterly inferior products. Starting next Monday April the 7th the Nvidia Shield will not only have it’s Game Streaming leave beta but will also now allow laptops with a GTX 660m or better mobile graphics card to use Game Stream as well. Which I myself must admit I have been very much wanting the ability to stream from my laptop as I do not keep nor like desktops nor does my fiancé. I also have countless friends and have read reviews and articles with others whom want the ability to Game Stream using their laptops as well. Well thankfully Nvidia has listened to our wishes and has not only granted them but has gone above and beyond.

For you see included in tomorrows update is the ability to use Game Stream to play your PC games away from home using the Nvidia Shield and a mobile hotspot/tethered smartphone! Sweetness the ability to play high quality PC games away from home has proven all the haters wrong that said that the Nvidia Shield’s Tegra 4 Processor was over kill and un-needed lmfao!

Oh but Nvidia wasn’t done pulling magic tricks everyone no not at all. The update will include a better more refined GamePad Mapper and also the ability to use other PC applications remotely using Nvidia’s Game Streaming technology such as Microsoft Word etc. etc. … this makes the Nvidia Shield no longer just a gaming centric niche device and affords it a much broader appeal that will now even coax business minded professionals to consider the Nvidia Shield an option. Not to mention with the Nvidia Shields price drop to 199$ it is certainly a more cost effective option vs. Microsoft’s Surface Tablets with Windows 8. An added bonus is Game Stream Quality Controls that allows users to fine tune their experience how they see fit. And also Multi PC Paring is here at last!

Wait please don’t go I’m not quite done yet there’s still the announcement of Portal being ported to the Nvidia Shield natively. And the ability to wake up your PC/Laptop with Wake On Lan remotely away from home, so no need to leave your Laptop/PC on all day in order to enjoy the benefits of Game Stream! And with the added Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Support the Nvidia Shield truly is an extension of your PC away from home! GeForce Experience 2.o is included in this update as is the ability to play unofficially supported games using Game Stream. Wow I forgot about the all new TegraZone game shop which has console and pc as well as android games that are enabled for play on the Nvidia Shield. Android 4.4.2 KitKat is also in this update to the Nvidia Shield as is full 1080p 60 frames per second console mode game play.  Whew that’s a lot I wonder if the kitchen sink is included in this update also lol!

So as can be seen above Nvidia has been hard at work not only perfecting their first console/handheld but also adding features that get rid of the niche stigma and give it a much broader appeal! I as an Nvidia Shield owner am 100% hyped for tomorrows update and being able to play Castlevaina Lords of Shadow 2 away from home using my Nvidia Shield. I just want to close with if you don’t have an Nvidia Shield read this article over and decide if the Nvidia Shield is right for you, because I can tell you right now as a PlayStation Vita 3G and PlayStation 3 owner myself as well no other handheld/console compares to the Nvidia Shield!



Nvidia Grid Beta Has Gone Global The World Is Forever Changed!

Hello friends Handheld Lover here once again to serve you a heaping helping of Nvidia news. It is official the Grid Cloud Game Streaming Beta has gone Global. But instead of just playing games using Grid myself as I have already done repeatedly I let my future brother in law and his friend play some games using Grid to see what the reaction of those who have never gamed on Nvidia’s handheld console would be.

They were blown away! They loved the level of detail and the quality of the graphics that the Nvidia Shield is able to display and were equally impressed with both the sound quality and the excellent controller of  the Nvidia Shield as well. Little did they know I was about to really blow them away. I connected my Nvidia Shield to the TV by way of HDMI ,and they were able to play all of the Grid games on the TV using this method in full 1080p and close to 60 frames per second. Their jaws dropped amazed at the versatility of the Nvidia Shield!

I asked them what they thought about Grid on the Nvidia Shield and they both said this is the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time! They said Nvidia has a true sleeper hit on their hands. My brother in law said he’s getting an Nvidia Shield ,and that he just bought an Alienware laptop because he said that the Xbox1 hasn’t got any games he really want’s to play and he’s been playing his Xbox 360 far more. They both said the Nvidia Shield is the new hotness!

What’s impressive to me is that the Nvidia Shield has the charm to win over people who used to think that consoles were the only go to option for gaming! But then I realized that by using their Game Streaming Technology Nvidia have completely killed the computer age old notion that you need the most powerful hardware in order to play the most powerful games! I started to literally have my eyes opened as I felt a boom in my mind as I came to grips with the fact that anything from cinema quality movies to architectural 3D imaging could be effortlessly rendered for a presentation using Nvidia’s Game Streaming Technology! I’m in a Facebook group Nvida Shield Community that is full of passionate Nvidia Shield lovers form all over the globe and the Grid Beta has been confirmed to work in a vast expanse of the world. The world will never be the same Nvidia has raised the bar to far out pace their competition!


Android Powered Nokia Phone Reportedly Coming This Month

It has been long rumored that Nokia was playing around internally with an Android powered Lumia device. Those rumors became fervent with the announcement that Microsoft was buying Nokia with overseas money. Why was there suddenly more interest in this Android Lumia when the Big Win came swooping in? Because it is pretty much accepted that the Android phone would never see the light of day- it makes no sense for Microsoft to offer an Android phone to compete with their own Windows Phone 8 offerings. Or does it? Read more »


Flappy Bird is Gone, Long Live the Clones

Flappy Bird has been quite a sensation, regardless of being over a year old, in the last few weeks. The developer/publisher, Dong who is a resident of Vietnam, has pulled the game from Google Play and iTunes. Dong cited various personal reasons pertaining to becoming a celebrity and specifically said his actions were not related to legal threats from any company (as many believe is a lie). Today, Flappy Bird disappeared from the mobile stores so what better way to say goodbye than to bring up five clones that are just as good, if not better, at being Flappy Bird than Flappy Bird. Read more »


iOS Freebie Friday for February 7th, 2014

Everyone likes getting games for free so it is a no brainer to make a list such as this available.  Apple has done things right with iTunes by allowing developers/publishers to offer their games for free for limited amounts of time (hello Google).  Here is the latest Freebie Friday list: Read more »

great martian war android

New Game: The Great Martian War for Android (Another Endless Runner)

Endless runners, especially the 3D variety, have been popular and overtaking the Android, and iOS, market since the release of Temple Run. Unlike when Super Mario Bros hit, the me-toos and copycat endless running games are not innovating like the side scrolling action platforming genre did over the years. With that being said, another 3D endless runner has been released, The Great Martian War. Read more »

pitfall krave

New Game: Pitfall Krave Brings Deadly Cereal Chasing Fun to Android (Limited Release)

Advertising and gaming have been working together since the early days- remember Chase the Chuckwagon on the Atari 2600? Yo Noid! on the Nintendo Entertainment system or Cool Spot on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are a couple more examples. This is nothing new. Now, Activision are getting into the cross promotion fun with Pitfall Krave which pits the player in the situation of running away from killer cereal. Why? Read more »

lightning fighter 2

Freebie Friday iOS Games for Friday January 17th, 2014

Everyone loves free games and thanks to the way Apple has set up their App Store, we can bring you this list of cool games that are free for a temporary time. Check out the games below and grab your favorites while they are free. Read more »


Philia: The Sequel to Elansar Now Available on iTunes and Google Play

Remember Elansar (covered here)? The sequel is now available on iOS and Android from Orion_. Continuing with a similar art style and game engine, Philia also continues the story from Elansar. Read more »


New Game: Croco Slam Now Available on Android

Sports games are usually kept clean and dry, straight simulations of the activity they are trying to emulate. That is why it is fun to see a new title that takes liberties within the idea of a sports title, such as Croco Slam and baseball. Read more »


iTunes Game Sales Roundup for January 11th, 2014

Apple has always been a leader in allowing companies to offer sales to the fans.  It is built into the basic operation of iTunes to allow companies to even offer games for free for limited periods of time.  This is something that Google has failed to offer, even after quite a bit of bad press over the situation.  Below is a list of games that are on sale right now on iTunes- as with most things, the amount of time these games will be on sale is unknown so grab them while you can. Read more »

eternity warriors 3

New Game: Eternity Warriors 3 by Glu Mobile Arrives on Android

Whether you like the “pay to play” model or not, it is here to stay. Companies like Glu Moblie are showing strong support for this style of game, surely because gamers are spending more money a little here and there over time. Eternity Warriors 3 is finally here and it definitely supports the “pay to play” business modelp for better or for worse. Read more »


Lost Yeti, New Puzzle Game, Coming to iTunes on January 15th

Ever since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the launch of Lolo, gamers have been interested in puzzle adventure titles. Over the years, we have seen many of these types of games and now, with the looming release of Lost Yeti by Neutronized, we can add one more game to that long list. Read more »


Mystic Marbles to Debut on iTunes App Store January 9th

New puzzle games, particularly those of the Bejeweled persuasion are nothing new. There are so many available that new games in this genre need to have something unique to entice fans to try new games. Mystic Marbles has a few tricks up its sleeve. Read more »


Microids, Publisher of Syberia, Celebrates Android Release

While Syberia 3 is coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 soon, the Android version of the original is celebrating high ranking in the “Brain” category on Google Play. Currently in the Top 5 new paid games, Syberia is holding firm with fans who have not forgotten this classic adventure title. Read more »

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