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New Hardware: Rose Colored Gaming Developing Their Own Hand Held Gaming Device, Heavy Game Boy Influence

New hand held hardware is not something we see every day, especially when you discount the Android based stuff that we see come out of China.  That makes this announcement by Rose Colored Gaming just that much more interesting, and important.  Currently not a lot is known about this mysterious hand held, the case is just a place holder mockup that came off the Internet (in other words, don’t hold your breath on this looking like the original Game Boy).


Bandit Gaming: Fruit Ninja Ported to Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Fruit Ninja, the popular slashing game for Android and iOS devices, is now available for popular graphing calculators- math teachers prepare your faces of disdain.  Before you call foul on this thinking it is just a bunch of calculations that do some animation, be warned, this is an actual game and it works.

Monkey Racing Crescent Moon Games Android Mario Kart 2

New Game: Monkey Racing Brings back Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart Style Antics to Android

Anyone that has played on a home console any real amount of time has probably run across a combat racing game.  Some popular ones in this genre include Crash Team Racing, Crash Tag Team Racing, the Mario Kart series and a few other mainstays.  Well, over on Android there are not exactly lot of options in this area if you are wanting to blast your opponent off the track.  Monkey Racing by Crescent Moon Games looks to fix that with a pretty decent looking battle racer that has over 80 tracks to race around.

Civilization Revolution 2 Android iPhone Turn Based Strategy

New Game: Civilization Revolution 2 Now Available for Android

How many 4X strategy games can you name on the Android platform (or iOS)?  Not a lot, I am sure.  This is a genre that is sorely lacking in my opinion (almost as bad as old school, first person dungeon crawlers).  2K Games have now added one more 4X strategy title to the extremely short list in Civilization Revolution 2.  Those of your reading this that are Civilization fans will already by looking for the Google Play link to purchase this game, for everyone else, read on and find out what is so interesting about this release.

zombie gunship arcade google play itunes flappy bird

New Game- Zombie Gunship Arcade Brings the Apocalypse to Flappy Bird

Okay, who is sick of Flappy Bird?  This little game has reached gamer saturation in record time (dare I say faster than Angry Birds?).  With that saturation of the market comes clones and rip off “me too” games.  Some of these clones hit systems the original game never intended to reach such as retro consoles (as covered by our sister site, Retro Gaming Magazine).  Sometimes other developers take on the call of the fans for “more” and offer unique twists on the original formula, such as what Zombie Gunship Arcade is gunning for (sorry for the pun).

escape from montegrande3

New Game- Escape from Montegrande Mixes Arcade Mechanics with Escape Game Style and Skiing

It is not that often that we see something really unique on Android and iOS, something that is not a major rip off of some other title.  Escape from Montegrande is just that type of game though there are some mechanics barrowed from other titles, they have not all been mixed like this before.  The idea behind Escape from Montegrande is to, well, escape a prison that is conveniently located at the top of a snow capped mountain.  How you evade the guards is interesting and unique, almost like Breakout and Centipede but in reverse.

Republique Stealth Action Android iPhone 3

New Game- Republique Brings Stealth Adventuring to Android (Previously on iOS)

Republique is a unique title in that you are not actually controlling the main character, instead you are guiding her through the levels.  You are tasked with guiding Hope, the young stealthy girl, through hacking security cameras, watching guards, turning off sensors, etc.  This removes you from the action and puts you more in a position of one step closer to the action than being a viewer of a movie.  The closest I can think to relate this type of game to you is Konami’s Lifeline on the Playstation 2- you interacted with the characters through voice commands and they acted out the action removed from your direct control.

retry rovio flappy bird iphone android retro

New Game- Retry is Rovio’s Answer to Flappy Bird for Android and iOS

It is no secret that Flappy Bird was a runaway success, even driving the developer to leave the scene for a period of time (some people just can’t take success).  Flappy Bird clones have hit many platforms as evidenced on Retro Gaming Magazine (our sister site).  Rovio are best known for their Angry Birds series of games, though they have a couple of other titles available they are nothing to write home about.  Retry is Rovio’s attempt at a Flappy Bird clone with some slight differences.  The question is, is Rovio’s version worth playing, especially for those that are jaded by now?


New Game: Train Conductor 3 Announced, Will be at PAX Australia this Year

The Voxel Agents are an independent development team based in Australia that are best known for Train Conductor 1 and 2 and Puzzle Retreat.  TC has won various awards and valuable space on millions of Android and iPhone devices over the years.  At PAX Australia 2014 the world will get to see Train Conductor 3 in action (we are working on getting a correspondent on the ground for the event).

Fruit Ninja slicing ghostbusters update 30 anniversary

Update: Fruit Ninja Receives Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Content

It is amazing that the Ghostbusters are now 30 years old, amazing because I remember seeing the movie in theaters when I was younger and just being in awe of the spectacle.  Even three decades later the movie is still good and fun to watch on a rainy afternoon.  Luckily for gamers, Sony Pictures are willing to share the fun and license out the property to companies of popular games.  Fruit Ninja is just one of the current titles to receive a Ghostbusters themed update.