Pokemon Quest Coming to Mobile Devices

Pokemon Quest Nintendo

Nintendo is continuing their efforts to support mobile platforms with reinterpretations of their iconic franchises. We already have Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes and now we can add a Pokemon title to that brief list. Pokemon Quest appears

Mad Bullets Review, Bullets Are Not the Only Frustrated Thing Here

Mad Bullets Android

Ever since my first go around with Beast Busters by SNK in an old arcade during my youth, I have been a fan of rail shooters. This continued through releases such as Virtua Cop and House of the Dead (both

Microsoft Reignites Mobile Plans Including Xbox Games

Microsoft Windows Mobile was a failure by many measures. One thing that platform did for Microsoft is give them a large amount of insight into the mobile gaming platform. If you wanted to play a Halo game on your phone

What the Hell Have We Done As Gamers – The Death of Premium Mobile Games

Angry Birds

The rather interesting Go series of games by Square Enix is dead. We will not see new entries to accent Deus Ex Go, Lara Croft Go, or Hitman Go. The series is dead according to Patrick Naud, head of Square

Qix, the Game Where You Are Defenseless Hits the Game Boy – Today in History – May 24th, 1990

Qix Game Boy

Tell a modern gamer that you want them to play a game where they are completely defenseless against enemies.  Also mention that you have no weapons at your disposal, at all.  Then bring up the beautiful fact that you must

Pinball Arcade Brings Pinball Tables to Nintendo Switch

Pinball Arcade Nintendo Switch

Pinball Arcade by Farsight Studios is available right now on your Nintendo Switch. Now, why should you care about this pinball release? For one, the initial download is free, there are In-App Purchases though (more on that in a minute),

Tiny Rails Review – A Train Based Clicker I Cannot Stop Playing

Tiny Rails Android

Tiny Rails is a clicker game. You know what I mean. Those games that your main goal is to simply click the screen repeatedly. What separates Tiny Rails from normal clicker games is, well, they included a cool little game

Major Mayhem 2 Review, They Broke What was Working

Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem was a great third person throwback to old arcade games like Operation Wolf and Dynamite Duke. The sequel is very similar but so much key stuff was broken in the name of In App Purchases that it ruins

Nintendo DS Myst Makes Classic Adventure Portable – Today in History – May 13, 2008

Myst Nintendo DS

Not only is the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection kicking butt on Kickstarter right now, but the Nintendo DS version of the first game turns 10 years old. Who knew way back in 1993 that 15 years later we would have

We Took Super Mario Bros on the Go with Super Mario Bros Deluxe – Today in History – May 10th, 1999

Super Mario Bros Deluxe

When you think “killer game” you think of something iconic and classic.  Nintendo knew this when they launched the original Game Boy in the late 80’s.  They launched with Tetris packed in.  Smart move.  They updated the Game Boy over