What if Cuphead was Released on the Nintendo Game Boy?

Cuphead for Nintendo Game Boy

Demakes. They are fun to look at, even though most are just mockups. Some, like Halo 2600 were actually turned into real games, with the blessing of the IP holder (Microsoft in that case). What is great about demakes, at

Dead 2048 Android Game Review

Dead 2048

What can I say about the game 2048 that will make you download and play Dead 2048? Not much actually. The game is not your basic 2048 game as there is a rather interesting tower defense mode include at no

Rovio Reaches Four Billion Downloads for Their Games

Rovio logo

This is not a milestone that should be taken lightly. Four billion downloads is a lot. I don’t care how you slice it. This is four billion downloads across all platforms that Rovio has supported, even still, it is FOUR

Nintendo Switch Emulator Announced, Super Mario Odyssey May Yet Come to Computers

Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch is not quite a year old yet, at least in North America, which makes this announcement rather interesting. The group behind the Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra, have announced they have created a Nintendo Switch emulator. It is

Idle Space Review

Before I start this review let me say that I am normally not a fan of clicker games. Yet, here I am reviewing one and have one more on my phone waiting for a review. That should tell readers something

Would You Buy a Cell Phone Powered Laptop?

Razer Project Linda

Well, would you? Now, keep in mind, this is not just any cell phone – probably not the one you carry around daily anyhow. While Motorola already tried something like this with their Atrix 4G from a few years ago

Bayonetta 2 Non-Stop Climax Edition to Support English Language


Well, concerns over fans being able to enjoy Bayonetta 2 Non-Stop Climax Edition on day one is now solved. This Japan, and other Asian regions, exclusive will support English in the initial release on Nintendo Switch. This means, fans can

Experienced Nintendo Switch Developers, Roll Call

Rivals of Aether Steam

It is not all that often that I get to write up basically a job listing for a game developer. First, they did not ask for this, this is a common courtesy being extended to someone in the industry to

Why is Nintendo Asking Permission to Use Gamer Reviews?

Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Nintendo 3DS

It is interesting. Nintendo being on the other side of the coin so to speak. They have begun asking permission to use reviews that have been made available for one of their games. What is wild is, this game is

Nightmare Boy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nightmare Boy Nintendo Switch

Fans of Metroidvania style games will want to check out Nightmare Boy as it is now Nintendo Switch bound. Nightmare Boy is a Spanish-made action adventure title that will feature sprawling levels and monsters around every corner. The file size