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Review: Soul Calibur on Android

Soul Calibur, a title that hit the Dreamcast and was quite the show piece for selling more than a couple of systems is now on Android and iOS. Namco have been pretty mum on this title hitting and it was quite a surprise to see it, this is not a simple 8 or 16-Bit title that is ported using an emulator. Soul Calibur is quite detailed, runs great and probably shouldn’t look this good- at least looking at the competition and what has come before on Android and iOS, SC is light years ahead.

Jewel Fight android match 3 bejeweled puzzle quest jxd s7300 (2)

Review: Jewel Fight on Android

Puzzle Quest changed the Bejeweled style of match 3 games into a role playing hybrid that took many platforms by storm.  Since the release of Puzzle Quest companies have been trying to create something similar but more popular- and have failed.  Even the developers behind Puzzle Quest have had trouble recreating the magic of the original through spiritual successors (Puzzle Quest: Galactrix) and direct sequels (Puzzle Quest 2).  Too much was changed in those updates to the formula and fans showed a severe lack of  interest.  Now, Namco Bandai is taking a stab at this genre with Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend (Android and iOS platforms).  The interesting thing is, they are extremely close to creating something that could take Puzzle Quest down as the king of this genre.

Chesslike Adventures in Chess rogue dungeon crawl (3)

New Game- Chesslike- Adventures in Chess Mixes Classic Board Game with Rogue Gameplay

Rogue, Nethack, roguelikes, etc are a classic genre in computing.  Not as old as Chess but still, a classic genre.  Moore Interactive have decided to see what happens when the two classics are mixed, are we talking about a combination similar to that of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups? 

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Android iOS iTunes Google Play Aspyr Jedi Retro (3)

New Game- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Released on Android

Android is still receiving great titles, even ones that were released for the competing Apple iOS platform months ago.  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is no different, a great title that is just now hitting Android but was released awhile back on iOS.  I am not complaining, a great title is a great title and late is better than never.  According to the Google Play page, this is just like the iOS version, the full game with no corners cut and all of the content you enjoyed on the PC or Xbox back in 2003.  Hurry and add Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to your library while it is 50% off.

Beast Busters SNK retro rail shooter arcade zombies android google play (3)

New Game: Beast Busters, Classic SNK Arcade Light Gun Game Resurrected on Mobile Platform, IAP in Tow

Man, 25 years ago this year, SNK released the classic Beast Busters light gun game into arcades.  I remember this game fondly, not only because it was usually set to 50 cents per play (at the time unheard of) nor the fact that the arcade owner would often put it on single quarter play (which I partook in WAY too much of when this happened).  No, I remember this game mainly because of the loud sound effects, the over the top graphics (I mean, come on look at the video below) and the sheer fun it brought me in my young teenage years.  Beast Busters was so much cooler than Operation Wolf or Mechanized Attack, two titles that were often placed nearby in what was referred to as “shooter alley” in that arcade.  Now, SNK has seen fit to release a reworked version of Beast Busters for the modern gamer, on mobile platforms.  The question you may be asking is, how are they screwing it up?

Monster Dash Google Android Ghostbusters Slimer In App Purchase (4)

New Game: Monster Dash Finally Comes to Android, Available on iOS for Years

Halfbrick Studios has finally released their popular title, Monster Dash, onto the Android platform.  Why am I not more excited about a new, interesting, game for Android?  Because Monster Dash has been available to iPhone and iPad users for quite a while now.  This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence with Google’s mobile platform, one that is probably not going to change anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Google Play Android Rockstar Games (1)

New Game: Grand Theft Auto- Chinatown Wars Comes to Android Platform

Grand Theft Auto, the franchise that almost did not get off the ground, has had more than its share of ports, re-releases and updates over the years.  Chinatown Wars marks a return to the old days, way back in the 90’s, when Grand Theft Auto games were viewed from the sky, looking down on the action taking place.  This is because of the Nintendo DS’ lack of horsepower to run a full on 3D GTA title.

Angry Birds Transformers Rovio Galvatron Optimus Prime Android iPhone (3)

Review- Angry Birds Transformers for Android

Anyone that grew up in the 80’s probably has a fond memory of the toys that we played with back then.  Action figures such as He-Man and Transformers were the stuff dreams are, now, made of.  In recent years we have seen a resurgence of Transformers fanfare with the Michael Bay movies but to true “kid at heart” fans those movies don’t represent the true Transformers.  The true Transformers are the classic red and blue Optimus Prime, Megatron that transformed into a handgun and Soundwave who was an evil boom box (with transforming cassette tapes- who can name them all?).  Rovio has stepped in with their take on the Transformers and thrown their hat into the ring of many licensed games that have been appearing over the last several years.  It looks like Rovio has gotten the closest to that dream Transformers game.


Noah Ark Builder Mobile Game Review

Noah Ark Builder is a match 3 game similar to others such as Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest.  Since this is a movie tie-in game, there are clips from the movie interspersed throughout the game as you complete levels.  As far as selling you on watching the movie, Noah Ark Builder fails miserably.

Gunbrick-Android-Game ios mobile

New Game: Gunbrick Looks to Square Away Action Games

What do you get when you take a cube and make it the star of your new action/puzzle game?  No, we are not talking about a brand new Atari 2600 game here.  We are talking about Gunbrick by Nitrome, a new title that is looking to do away with the lead character having ripped abs, muscular arms or good looks.  Gunbrick, emphasis on brick, is a square- literally. 

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