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3 Pinball Games Worth Your Time on Android

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Pinball is a genre that I never really got into growing up, partly because of the high cost of entry and the speed in which the game was over (a buck for three chances was NOT a good deal to a youngster that could own Strider for a good 10 minutes on a single quarter).  Now that I own a 7 inch tablet, the Zeepad if you are visiting Gaming on Batteries for the first time, I have found myself playing some pinball games lately.  Here are three of the better ones that I have found so far.

First up, Pinball Pro by TerranDroid mainly because of the wild table designs.  The table, pictured, which features a huge set of wheels with prizes in them at the top of the screen was quite a bit of fun to play, even if it appears extremely simplistic at first glance.  It takes a lot of skill, and more than your share of good luck, to hit the right wheels for maximum bonus points.

Second we have Pinball Deluxe by Greencod Apps.  This game reminds me the most of tables I remember seeing in arades growing up, not a lot going on but still fun looking.  Ramps, railways, bumpers etc are all well laid out, favorite table is pictured.

Finally, the big daddy of pinball games that I had the most fun with, Pinball Arcade by Farsight Studios.  Featuring a ton of tables that are open for demo play, for purchase that unlocks full play and a featured table of the month all add up to the best Android pinball game available.  They have the Elvira table for goodness sake, I am a sucker for horror themed tables for some reason.  This could be the only pinball app that a pinballer could need for their Android device.

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