11 Arduboy Games worth Playing

The Arduboy just started being offered up for pre-order to the general public. For those that do not know what the Arduboy is, it is a Kickstarter success story that is a portable micro gaming device. It is about the size of a business card and about as thick as a quarter. There is a screen on the top third while controls are below that. The setup is quite similar to that of the original Game Boy that Nintendo released in 1989- a venerable, quality, design that just works. You may be wondering though, what games will I be able to play on this and why should I care about it. That is why you are reading this, I hope anyhow, to find out what is good and worth watching as you wait for your Arduboy to arrive.

1) Arduventure

This is an adventure title that is in the works. It currently features actual battles, some dialogue examples and multiple screens of game world to explore. If you are interested in something similar to that of Dragon Warrior on the Nintendo Entertainment System then check out Arduventure.
2) Glove

Okay, I get a strong Berzerk vibe from Glove and that is a good thing. There is more to do in Glove than that Atari classic though. Collect treasure, set high scores and more as you traverse the 2D world.
3) Chicken Cross

Frogger comes to the Arduboy, er, well a Frogger clone that is. Chicken Cross is obviously a homage to the classic Konami title so fans of that will like this one.
4) Robo Dodge

Do you remember the old Atari 2600 game by Acivision called Stampede? Robo Dodge is quite similar to that except you are tasked with dodging things on the screen rather than collecting them. Depending on how you look at it, this could be an early endless running game.
5) Atomic Puzzle Pack

A collection of puzzle games is what you will get in Atomic Puzzle Pack. Some of the games included are similar to Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle League and then one that is like a cross between Zoop and Breakout. Definitely an interesting title.
6) Begemmed

This is a clone of Bejeweled, plain and simple. If you are not a fan of Bejeweled then you are probably not going to be a fan of Begemmed. Everyone else, here you go.
7) Breakout!

This is a simple concept. Keep the ball from falling off the bottom of the screen. Bouncing the ball back up using your paddle causes the ball to hit the various blocks and remove them, one at a time. That is the same concept for Breakout! on the Arduboy.
8) Flappy Ball

Fan or not, you have to admit that the simple concept of Flappy Bird is proliferating the gaming world. The Arduboy is no different and it has its own version, probably the first of many, Flappy Bird clones. Flappy Ball is just like the other versions, hit the button to keep your character moving up (gravity will bring you down) and avoid the oncoming pipes.
9) Blob Attack

Alright, Puyo Puyo comes to the Arduboy and it keeps most of the charm and fun of the original. Blob Attack is pretty much Puyo Puyo so fans will know exactly what is going on.
10) Space Rocks

Like Asteroids? That is basically Space Rocks. Enjoy
11) Shadow Runner

I am not a big fan of endless running games. Sure, there have been a few that were pretty decent such as the Tomb Raider one and Agent Dash but other than those, I am not all that into them. For those of you that are more of the 2D endless running fan then check out Shadow Runner. It shows off the parallax scrolling capabilities of the Arduboy and also the shades of gray depth possible.
Tech Demos showing off the power of the Arduboy:
Mega Man scrolling demo shows just that, a Mega Man sprite running across a few backgrounds. There is parallax scrolling shown, different shades of gray and shading mixtures. This shows that the Arduboy could handle a true Mega Man style game and it actually resemble the source.

Arduboy 3D graphics is a tech demo showing off some wireframe boxes floating around and shifting angles. While we probably won’t see a Star Fox style game ever hit the Arduboy this demo does show off the possibility that we might see a Battlezone or similar game in the future.

Tell us, did you pre-order your Arduboy yet? Are you going to? What are your thoughts on this little hand held?