5 Best Games on the Game.Com

The Game.Com (pronounced Game com) was a Tiger Electronics handheld released in the late 90’s. The last time we visited this console was to explore the most awful games on the Game.Com. There was a moment one point where it even seemed impossible for the reviewers here at RGM to find a good game for the Game.Com. But, after we went through all 20 of them, there were 5 that could almost be considered good which in the case of the Game.Com meant that they were excellent (seeing as the bar was set so low).


  1. Frogger:

Frogger on the Game.Com is actually a legitimate port of the game. It is fun, relatively fast (for the system), and faithful to its source material which is a miracle on the Game.Com. Surprisingly for the Game.Com there was sound and even music in Frogger! The best part was when you are dodging cars and then suddenly you crossed the road, but the lily pads sank and suddenly a snake was in a log do you turn back or keep heading forward? These are the types of moral dilemmas you are faced with in Frogger a game which asks the difficult question (if you’re in trouble do you just keep heading forward or take a step back to assess the situation?). You have to think fast in Frogger for the Game.Com because the only thing faster than the processing speed for the system is your grandmothers’ reflexes! This game is hard and you can’t dawdle as your frog character has to either live or die trying to return home! You can tell the effort that Konami went through in order to port this game properly on the console. Frogger earns a solid number 5 spot due to its solid gameplay and inclusion of features that were standards in every console, except for the Game.Com.

  1. Centipede:

Centipede was originally an Atari title for the arcades. The Centipede game on the Game.Com is actually also one of the best games on this console. Including such features as sounds and music, you could shoot all of the centipedes and mushrooms you wanted in this game. The story is simply you are a man who became shrunk and has a gun! This man can see a centipede incoming from miles away and managed to secure an infinite supply of bullets! But, time is limited and the centipede is coming for blood. You have no time to waste it’s now or never and the only thing stopping you is about 30 mushrooms and your own accuracy. Are you a bad enough dude to fight the centipede? But, honestly there is really not much you can say about Centipede on the Game.Com though. The game runs quickly and the gameplay is faithful to the original which is similar to Frogger in this regard (I’m starting to notice a pattern here). This is perhaps one of the few games in which the Game.Com could shine. It even included an enhanced mode for the game which is almost unimaginable for the Game.Com. Centipede on the Game.Com Earns the number 4 spot because of its status a solid (and even enhanced) recreation of the original game.

  1. Williams Arcade Classics:

The Game.Com was one of the many consoles which had a Williams Arcade Classics this system was no different. It was a collection of many brilliant games such as Defender I and II, Robotron, Sinistar and Joust. The list was small, but the games retain their fun elements and Williams Arcade Classics are just as fun as they once were in their original release on the arcades. It earns the number 3 spot on this list for not altering the gameplay, but having much more variety than the previous remakes on the Game.Com.

  1. Solitaire:

Included within the operating system of the Game.Com was the extremely famous Solitaire. On the Game.Com Solitaire plays exactly like it would on any other console in the world. It has solid card moving action, card placing explosions, and even at times can be impossible to beat. It’s challenging monotonous and extremely suited for a Michael Bay movie. Solitaire for the Game.Com should be the next Battleship movie. It is a testament to the incredible variety of games the Game.Com’s library had to offer. Solitaire is the clear winner for second best game in this console which offered amazing titles such a Resident Evil 2. Solitaire was also one of the few games which could be fully played utilizing the touchscreen. Solitaire remains as epic as always (not really) which rightfully earns it number 2 spot on the best games list. Did I forget to mention you could move cards with the touchscreen? Because it was awesome!

  1. Lights Out:

Lights out is flat out the best game on the Game.Com. A marvel on the console it is a great game that runs at a steady 60 FPS without any significant drops at any moment during gameplay while simultaneously demonstrating the touch screen capability of the Game.Com. The rules are simple make all of the squares black in the least amount of moves possible or die trying. The simplicity of this game is what makes it such a truly unique experience and coupled with the fact that it was bundled with the console ensured that it almost had an adoption rate of almost a 100%. You play as the man in an epic quest to turn off all the lights in the room, but he’s drunk and only has a few hours to sleep. If the man doesn’t turn off the lights in the allotted time then he is labelled the ultimate coward. Lights Out is a tale which transcends the boundaries of this console and still holds true to this day. Lights Out earns the number 1 spot in this list for its level of detail and challenge present throughout the game.

There you have it folks, the best games on the Game.Com a system that barely could handle sounds or gameplay. These games were not particularly exceptional on the Game.Com, but it is a testament to how the titles have withstood the test of time. All of these games were previously established as simple, but extremely enjoyable and this is what the Game.Com should have catered to since it was aimed at an older audience. If Tiger Electronics had instead focused on porting simple games like these instead of action packed games the Game.Com couldn’t handle then perhaps the system would have carved itself a niche in the market. But, the attempts to port action intensive games, or even scenario intensive ones such as Resident Evil instead made the Game.Com a laughing stock in the market.