5 New Independently Developed Game Boy Games Released

The Nintendo Game Boy is a popular hand held.  Independent developers seem to love it and we have five new games that were just released for it.  Some are from competitions such as bitbitjam and others are just games someone thought would be cool to release.




This is simply a boss battle game.  There is a little bit of text at the beginning to tell you what is going on.  Get four hits on the boss without sustaining one yourself and you win.  Let one of the fireballs hit you and it is game over.  This one is REALLY short.  May be good if you are looking for a short game- something similar to the shortness most people experience with Flappy Bird.

Okay, are you sick of Flappy Bird clones and the like yet?  Judging by the number of people reading the articles we post about them, the videos we make available and general reaction from readers- nope.  Remember, we push the content that you, our friends, support.  Oh, this is just another Flappy Bird clone- it is tough as nails and annoying as all get out.  There was an actual Flappy Bird development jam where this title was developed.

This is an endless runner, 3D style, game for the Game Boy.  Developed for the GBJAM 4 event.  If you are easily frustrated then avoid this one- it is as tough in 3D as Flappy Bird is in 2D.  Pillars pop up quickly and it is hard to get out of the way in time.

This is a rather simple game.  Deceptively simple.  You are limited to looking left/right and jumping/ducking.  You are armed with a sword and have to defend your home from the invading ninjas.  There are throwing stars that come flying in rather quickly.  Perfect for the older model Game Boy that has severe blur problems.  Developed for bitbitjam #3.

Here is an extremely tough action platforming game starring the Princess.  She is not waiting for an overweight plumber and his brother to come to her rescue.  Get ready for frustration and almost throwing your Game Boy on this one.  Created for the bitbitjam #3 event.