5 New Pico 8 Games To Show Off

The Pico 8 is a new portable gaming device that allows you to program games directly on it.  You can also modify games that you have downloaded- on the fly.  If you are not happy with a certain enemy that is constantly blocking your progress, simply delete them from the level.  Can’t quite make that difficult jump?  Modify the jump integer in the program and give yourself super jumps.  The Pico 8 is a return to minimalist gaming but the power to do what you want is in your hands.  You may be on the fence about getting a Pico 8, you may have one and now are wondering what to download first.  Well, here is a list of some really cool games you can play right now.  The cool thing with Pico 8 games is that most are available to play in your browser.

This is a dungeon crawler for the Pico 8, something many thought was impossible.  Things are not as complicated as Wizardry but more than enough content is to be had with this download.  Slog through dungeons, slay evil monsters and collect treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Yeah, someone has “demade” the classic Cave Story for this new little programmable hand held.  It is pretty faithful to the original, just “less detailed” graphics.  Definitely a cool way to enjoy Cave Story on the go.

If you are a fan of Super Meat Boy and its infuriating difficulty then you are going to love Celeste.  This is a hardcore 2D side view single room at a time platformer.  The difficulty is set VERY high so easily upset gamers may want to look at something else.

Similar to Lemmings, a classic by Psygnosis, this game is a mix of Tetris and that classic.  You have to control your little UFO at the top of the screen and drop pieces onto the playfield that assist the little creature that is walking back and forth.  The goal is to get to the exit without smashing your creature.

This is apparently based on a level from a Commodore 64 game that the programmer liked.  This is one of the more interesting takes on 2D side scrolling action games. You are controlling a ball that is bouncing around the screen.  Your job is to kill all of the varmints that are trying to eat your flowers.  It is wild and it is strangely addicting.

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