5 New Ways to go to Hell with Doom

Doom is an iconic game, one that arguably kept PC gaming alive in the early to mid 90’s as the previous mainstay (point and click adventures) started finding their ilk was no longer wanted by gamers. Sales were slumping in most genres as consoles such as the Super Nintendo really started kicking butt and the looming release of new, more powerful consoles such as the Playstation just made being a 100% PC gamer quite a bit harder than it was in the 80’s. Then Doom was released in late 1993 and all of a sudden PC gaming was cool again, beyond cool actually (you weren’t getting this on consoles for a while and nothing compared at its release). Thanks to id Software releasing the source code, and having a really lax legal department, id Software has allowed countless homebrew developers to take a crack at porting, modding and updating Doom in new and interesting ways. We are going to take a look at five new places you can battle the demons of Hell in Doom, some are “out there” in a big way.
#1- The Nintendo Entertainment System

A lot of people are calling this one fake, it does look pretty good for a Nintendo Entertainment System title (i.e., the scaling is pretty damn smooth). There are other telltale signs that this is not a fake though, such as the lack of animation on the demon dying or the barrel explosion. According to the title of the video this is being updated so we may actually see it released one day, either as a real NES title or as a PC game. Until then, we are going with this being a NES release.

#2- E-ink Screen PocketBook 360 Plus Tablet

E-ink screens are not known for their fast updating of the contents on the screen and that is true of the PocketBook 360 Plus tablet. This is never more evident than when you see someone trying to play Doom on one of these E-ink tablets. The game is nearly unplayable due to slow screen updating but it is still interesting to see in action.

#3- Doom for the Commodore Vic-20

We covered this one here already but it is still a unique release that is worthy of being in this collection. The colors are all off and the play area is smaller than that of the 3DO port of Doom but the idea is still there. This is still Doom in a “it is like Doom kind of way” that Tiger Electronics old handhelds were similar to their source material.

#4- Doom Running on an Android Wear Watch

Remember in the early 2000’s to late 2000’s where cell phones were going for smaller and smaller displays? Remember how we got out of that and now have “phablets”? Well, these watch things are taking us back to those days of just a decade or ago, and well, things are not all that much better now. There is one cool thing about these Android Wear watch things and that is you can play Doom on them. Not sure why you would want to but well, it exists and it is apparently “somewhat” playable. If you think playing action games on a 3”+ cell phone screen is tough, just try Doom on a little watch screen.

#5- Doom on an LED Billboard

Since #4 was about something smaller than conceivably playable, why not end this with something inconceivably large? These LED digital billboards are popping up everywhere, they are essentially television sets that are only showing static images (some have very little animation). The video shows a guy playing Doom on one of those giant billboards, as you can see in the video, it is not exactly perfect video quality (he is really close) but it is still Doom and if set far enough away, the quality would improve because our eyes would adjust. Still a really cool way to play Doom.
There you go, do you have a new place to play Doom that we should feature in a future article? We are all ears, just let us know via the handy contact link at the top of the page or in the comments below. We do read every piece of contact we get and try our best to respond in a timely manner.

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