A New Hope for the ZX Spectrum Vega+

The development of the crowd-funded ZX Spectrum Vega+ has been, to say the least, troubled but recent updates from Retro Computers Ltd appear to give a new hope to its backers and to fans of the beloved 8-bit computer.

After a long bout of almost non-existent communication with project backers, Retro Computers Ltd. has released a flurry of project updates in the last two weeks. The first was a summation of the project’s legal and financial woes issued by the company’s Chairman, David Levy. The update states, “All of us at Retro Computers Ltd very much regret these delays. We are at least a thousand times more frustrated than you are. We have been battling for almost 11 months against various actions and attempts, mostly by a small group of people, aimed at preventing the Vega+ from seeing the light of day and at bringing our company down. But despite these slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we are as determined as ever to complete the Vega+ and deliver to all our backers and to retail customers a truly great product.”

In addition to optimistic corporate communications, the company has released a video demonstrating the newly reworked menu and loading screens which are improvements from the original prototypes.

One of the core issues that has impeded the progress of the system is securing the licensing rights for several games the company would like to include with the handheld upon delivery. It seems the company is making some positive gains in this fight based on its most recent post to backers. The post alludes that the company has replaced some of the games which have been withdrawn by license holders, added new games, and are currently in negotiations to add even more games to the launch lineup.

The project is showing some signs of life but with no definitive release date, the saga continues.