A New ZX Spectrum Vega+ update, Sort Of

Starting a campaign update with an apology never bodes well for its backers and the latest update from Retro Computers is no exception.

Retro Computers released a campaign update to its IndieGoGo campaign on August 9th apologizing, yet again, for its lack of communication concerning its troubled handheld console. It blames “incessant online abuse” from an unnamed small group for the current delay in the shipment of its devices.

The update reassures backers that the company has secured the rights to some of the biggest titles on the Spectrum and that the final game list will “exceed all expectations”

While no specific date was mentioned, the company is aiming to begin shipping to its backers within the next 8 weeks with retail shipments to begin immediately afterward.

The update was disappointing to the say the least but I must admit the inclusion of a link to the music video for Europe’s The Final Countdown did soften the blow.