Alien Path Receives Update, New Content, Aliens and More

Alien Path Android iPhone Puzzle

Mobile gaming represents a new avenue for many new game ideas to make it to market. Take Alien Path for example. This game takes puzzle games to a new level by adding in new criteria that are often left out. Things such as role-playing elements, card collecting/upgrading, and a decent dose of action. The recent update has added 150 new levels to the core game, an increase in the level limit for your cards, and more.

Alien Path pits you against various robots on different worlds. Your job is to eradicate them in true puzzle fashion. All over the screen are arrows, obstacles, aliens, etc. Your job is to tap those arrows and turn them so that when your character hits them they are propelled in a new direction, potentially to another arrow and on towards the robots that populate the level. Hitting the robots will cause them damage and remove them from the playfield.

Alien Path Android iPhone Puzzle

Alien Path features 16 unique aliens that can be upgraded via the over 100 Power Cards. You will need to take advantage of the upgrade system if you plan on surviving very long in Alien Path.

Fans of puzzle games have their hands full with mobile gaming. The problem they face on these ubiquitous platforms that we all seemingly carry with us. To stand out from the crowd of Bejeweled match 3 games and the Sudoku puzzles a game must have a different gimmick. Alien Path certainly has a unique gimmick that is not tread into the ground already.

Click the link at the bottom to grab Alien Path from your favorite store and start playing with the new update. Don’t have an Android or iPhone device? Let eBay help you with that on some great deals (your purchase helps us keep Gaming on Batteries moving forward).

Alien Path by Appxplore Sdn Bhd
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Puzzle
In App purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store


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