Alite Brings Classic Elite to Android Work in Progress

If you are a retro gamer from way back then you probably remember a little game called Elite.  That was a space exploration game that had you visiting planets, making cargo runs, avoiding police with your illegal cargo and battling pirates and just trying to survive.  Well, fans have not forgotten Elite and one has even created a homage called Alite, now available for Android.

The idea of Alite is to recreate the fun and challenge of just living life in space, with the obvious creative liberties taken (you are not required to adjust oxygen levels or anything).  Sure, Playstation 4 owners are going gaga over No Mans Sky but for many of us, it is nothing new- other than prettier graphics.  Retrogaming fans have been exploring space for decades and Alite looks to bring that feeling and sense of accomplishment to Android gamers.

Right now, Alite is somewhat limited.  There is no option to purchase additional ships at this time and some elements that Elite had are not implemented yet.  What is available is trading between sources, space combat and upgrading the current ship.  So, the basics are there as this work in progress continues.

For fans wondering what version of Elite Alite is based on, it is the Commodore Amiga version. That means some great visuals will be found as you play and attempt to carve out a living in space.  Thankfully the game is not “real time” like Desert Bus on Sega CD is.  That would kind of suck if it was- I mean if you though driving six plus hours to Las Vegas was tough on your gaming nerves, try flying for days looking at the same planet in the distance and knowing you have days to go.  I know, that is all solved by just giving your ships better than today technology in thrust but still, the real time effect would suck.  Thankfully they did not go that route.

Grab Alite off of Google Play and enjoy the ride as we approach the final release.