Alto’s Odyssey Coming to Android and iPhone

Alto's Odyssey Android and iPhone

In 2014, mobile gamers got the opportunity to take on the snow-covered world of Alto’s Adventure. Those that took up the challenge were greeted with a unique take on the endless runner genre. Instead of simply running on flat levels that were mundane, the occasional platform to jump on to break up the monotony, Alto’s Adventure was new. You were basically racing downhill on a snowboard – evading the occasional marauder that was out to end your game, and your life if they caught you. Now, word has dropped that Alto’s Odyssey is coming, the sequel to that 2014 classic.

There is not a lot of information available about this title other than what you see in the trailer below. Right off the bat we are no longer downhill racing in a snowy environment – rather now we will be racing down sand dunes and the like. This is quite the departure from the original game and one that does open a few new challenges.

Graphically we are still going to be racing with a shadowed-out character against a colorful backdrop. Of course, going downhill fast is going to be a mainstay of this series. In the original Alto’s Adventure, we encountered bandit marauders that were not happy at us for breaking up their encampment, had to jump chasms, and race through forests as we descended the mountains.

It is going to be hard to suspend disbelief over chasms in the desert but I am sure they will find some way to bring that obstacle back. Maybe cacti will be a trouble maker for Alto on his journey? Instead of horse riding bandit marauders it is apparent they will ride camels now.

What kept Alto’s Adventure interesting and challenging was the few achievements you were tasked with completing. You never got the “full” list of things you could do because they were doled out a few here and there. Complete one and another would take its place. You could also upgrade your character a bit, buy new ones with in game currency (either earning as you played or using real world cash). All in all, Alto’s Adventure did transcend the genre rather well, it remains to be seen if Alto’s Odyssey will do the same when it releases later this year.

Current release is scheduled for “Summer 2017” so they better hurry up as Summer 2017 is quickly ending. I am guessing it will be an early September release.

Source: Alto’s Odyssey website

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