Alto’s Odyssey Review, Endless Runner That is Actually Fun

Alto's Odyssey

A little back story. I am not a fan of endless runner games. Particularly the 2D side view ones. There just isn’t much on offer to me and I find them boring. That is why I am writing up Alto’s Odyssey as I was a big fan of the first game, Alto’s Adventure. At its heart is a 2D side view endless runner – exactly the style of game I don’t care for. Now, why do I like this offering from Noodlecake Studios?

First, you could call Alto’s Odyssey, and Adventure before it, a minimalist game. There are not a lot of detail here. Most of the game is silhouettes and very little color.

This minimalist view helps in a weird way. Like your minds eye is making the game more detailed than it really is. There is just something about Alto’s Odyssey’s graphics style that makes it interesting.

The style of endless runner that Alto’s Odyssey embodies is sandboarding. It is different, and it gives Noodlecake to work different angles with their entry in the genre.

From seemingly random waterfalls to chasms that will make you wonder if you will make the jump or not, Alto’s Odyssey is full of little things. Where you had to escape a horseman in the first game, now you must evade a Lemur. Same idea but that little butthead is quick.

What I like about Alto’s Odyssey, and Journey, is how the achievements are handed out. While you can do any of them at any time, as the random level generator permits, you will only receive credit when they are part of the three current achievements.

Complete all three achievements and you move up a level. Find an achievement just impossible? You must attempt it a few times but eventually, you will be allowed to buy your way past it.

That is cool of Noodlecake. This could have easily been a sticking point for gamers, but they fixed it.

The challenge level of Alto’s Odyssey is what you want it to be. Perform too many tricks and you will eventually crash. Sometimes you must perform tricks to get that little speed boost and the accompanying invulnerability.

That invincibility factor is key in completing some tasks (such as busting through X number of rocks).

Additions to the game over the first include rock face sliding and the waterfalls, and their pools that require skiing across.

The rock face sliding is something of a challenge to master. It is a great addition though, changes the dynamics a bit, for the better.

Look, even if you are not a fan of endless runners you will probably find a few reasons to play Alto’s Odyssey. It is a great take on an extremely tired genre.

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Alto’s Odyssey by Noodlecake Studios
Platform: Android (Ascend XT2 used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Endless Runner
In App Purchases: Yes, ad disabler, coin doubler, etc
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store