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Android Saturday Sale for November 30th, 2013


Since Google has yet to implement an option for publishers to offer their apps and games for free on a limited time basis.  This is possibly going to change since they are allowing magazine publishers to do just that.  Though it is not in place for anything outside of their “newstand” we feel it is warranted to start a sales post each week for games on Google Play that you can grab.  These are limited time sales and we do not know how long the sale will last so grab them while you can.

Aby Escape Deluxe (Endless Running)
Amazing Spider-Man, the (Action)
Anomaly Korea (Strategy)
Asterix: Total Retaliation (Line Defense like Plants vs Zombies)
Bard’s Tale, the (RPG)
Bee Control (Kids)
Blood of the Zombies (Game Book)
Caveman’s Prophecy Full (Time Management)
Choplifter HD (Action)
Contre Jour (Adventure)
Crazy Taxi (Arcade)
Cut the Rope HD (Puzzle)
Drisk (Board Game)
Dummy Defense (Physics)
Elemental Knights Online RED (MMORPG)
Evofish (Simulation)
Fight Fight Zombanite (Tower Defense)
Fort Boyard (Mini Games)
Frozen Synapse (Strategy)
Gamebook Adventure #1: An Assassin in Orlandes (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #2: Siege of the Necromancer (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #3: Slaves of Rema (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #4: Revenant Rising (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #5: Catacombs of the Undercity (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #6: Wizard from Tarnath Tor (Game Book)
Gamebook Adventure #7: Temple of the Spider God (Game Book)
Gees, the (Adventure)
Geometry Dash (Action)
God of Blades (Action)
Hasta la Muerte (Strategy)
Heavy Sword (Action)
House of Hell (Game Book)
Incredipede (Adventure)
Infinite Universe (Game Book)
iSlash Premium (Slash)
Jazz: Trumps Journey (Platformer)
Jet Set Radio (Action)
Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Game Book)
Judge Dredd: Countdown to Sec 106 (Game Book)
Little Nick: The Great Escape (Endless Running)
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Naught 2 (Adventure)
Orborun (Endless Running)
Order and Chaos Online (MMO)
Pinwar (Pinball)
Prince of Persia: Shadow and Flame (Adventure) Our Review
Principia (Puzzle)
Pyramid Rising Full (Time Management)
Re-Volt Classic (Racing)
Redneck Revenge (Action)
Riptide GP2 (Racing)
Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy (Strategy)
Shadowrun Returns (RPG)
Simple Physics (Phsyics)
Skip-bo (Cards)
Skylanders Battlegrounds (Action)
Soldiers vs. Aliens (Action)
Sonic Jump (Action)
Spirits (Adventure)
Total War Battles (Strategy)
Treasures of Montezuma 3 (Match 3 Puzzle)
Trial of the Clone (Game Book)
Twin Blades (Action)
Type: Rider (Adventure)
Undead Soccer (Action)
Virtua Tennis Challenge (Sports) Our review is in GoB Mag #1
Yesterday (Adventure)

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