Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story Launching Soon on Mobile and PC

Another Lost Phone - Laura's Story

If you are not familiar with games like Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story then you are in for a new type of adventure. Basically, this style of game takes your personal device (Android or iPhone) and changes it to the device of the missing person. This is a great immersive technique that is somewhat lost when playing on a computer (it still carries the mobile view, just on a larger screen). Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story is the sequel to A Normal Lost Phone.

There is not a lot I can reveal about Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story without revealing spoilers so I will instead focus how this type of game is different and unique. As already mentioned the interface “takes over” your phone’s display so you are completely immersed in the game. This is a great technique that works extremely well.

Previously I covered Sara is Missing on Gravis Ludus. Sara is Missing is the same style of game, you “find” a phone in your general daily life and decide to start “snooping” attempting to find out who it belongs to. What you end up uncovering is WAY more than just a simple “lost phone.”

Sara is Missing was my first exposure to this genre and I must say, I am extremely happy to see more titles like this coming out. The immersion in these games is quite high and it is often disconcerting to be going through someone else’s phone – that is when you know the immersion has taken effect on you.

Another Lost Phone – Luara’s Story is more of this genre and it looks like the genre is not going stale as many like to claim. Unlike point and click adventures, the immersion in these games is quite high, the graphics are only limited by the power of your phone, and if the story is good fans are almost guaranteed an exciting time.

Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story by Accidental Queens
Platform: Android, iPhone, Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Genre: Adventure
In App Purchases: Unknown, previous games had none
Rated: Unknown, previous game was Mature 17+
Available September 21st on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android, and iTunes for iPhone

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