Arduboy Brings Learning and Games Together Once Again, Not Edutainment- Pre Orders Now Open

Anyone that remembers the early days of video gaming will probably remember the countless attempts by publishers to create a new genre called “edutainment”.  The idea is nearly as old as gaming itself with early titles focusing on math on Atari 2600 but then we got spelling and more on the Nintendo Entertainment System years later.  On computers edutainment was a booming market, many publishers successfully found ways around the problem of getting gamers to actually, you know, play their games.  While the Arduboy is not the same type of edutainment, it is still worth going over the short history lesson because this is an advancement in the genre while bucking the heritage.  See, the Arduboy is a thin, all in one gaming device- about as thin as a quarter and about the size of a business card.

What you will get with the Arduboy is a simple programmable device that resembles a smaller Game Boy from 1989- monochrome graphics and just a few buttons to worry about.  The layout is quite similar too, screen on top, movement controls on left underneath and to the right are the two action buttons.  The design is solid and best of all, familiar to gamers.

The Arduboy is a Kickstarter success story– which for some reason is becoming rarer.  It is great to see the team behind this little device actually getting it out the door.

There are plenty of games already available for the Arduboy, none are “name brand” but rather homebrew creations that run the gamut of gaming.  From puzzles to endless runners, most genres are already represented by the homebrew community that is supporting the Arduboy.  I doubt we will see Sonic or anything like it on the Arduboy but you can probably rest well knowing a fan is more than likely working on that right now.

Head over to to place your pre-order for the Arduboy today.

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