Atari Jaguar Emulator Comes to Android Platform

Aliens vs Predator Atari Jaguar

Emulation and Android are almost synonymous with each other. There are plenty of options, both free and paid, available for just about every popular platform to see the light of day (anyone working on a Nemo emulator?). Now, we can add another Atari Jaguar emulator (RetroArch being another) via IrataJaguar. If you plan on running intense games like Aliens vs Predator, you may want to read on. For the rest of you, the Google Play Store link is available after the jump.

Atari really blew it with the Jaguar. They had a powerful console but hindered it with some bad decisions within the silicon that runs it. Regardless, there were some great games released on this console. Iron Soldier, Aliens vs Predator, Super Burnout, and Tempest 2000 being a few

Our friends over at Retro Collect say IrataJaguar is based on the PhoenixEmuProject and apparently offers a compatibility rate that nears 95% or so with the games that saw release. This is great news. Anyone out there willing to run through the limited Atari Jaguar library and report back with some information on exactly what games don’t run on IrataJaguar?

Emulators are great because they keep gaming’s past alive. Plain and simple. Sure, there is the piracy aspect but as far as I am concerned, these companies are not making money off these games so let’s keep them alive and well. One gamer at a time. If, and that is a BIG IF, a company sees fit to re-release these classics then I do humbly ask that fans support it if possible (I am not saying buy a new console or anything but whatever is within your means). I truly believe that if we support retro releases on modern hardware then we will see more such releases occur – companies like money and if that means licensing some old games and re-releasing them then guess what will happen?

As emulators get better and better, we just might see a resurgence in certain platforms – thanks partly to the fact that programming for many of these consoles is easier than ever. Want more cool games and apps like IrataJaguar? Then support the ones that we do get.

Source: Google Play (not a free app)

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