Avenging Spirit Brings Otherworldly Fun to Nintendo Game Boy – Today in Retro Gaming – December 24th, 1992

Avenging Spirit Nintendo Game Boy

When you think of gaming you probably think all of the interesting ideas have been done before. One gaming trope that never took off is the whole possession thing. Sure, we had morphing characters such as Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat games but that is different. Avenging Spirit isn’t a morphing game, no, here you actually possess the enemies you encounter and use their attributes and weapons to complete your goals.

The Nintendo Game Boy version is a port of the arcade original that came out a year prior. This game also appeared on other platforms across the globe so odds are, you have probably seen it.

You become a ghost when you are gunned down by an evil crime syndicate who kidnaps your girlfriend. Luckily for you, I think, her father was researching ghost energy and has summoned your spirit in an attempt to rescue his daughter. Since this is the love of your life, you obviously oblige the scientist in his task.

Thus begins Avenging Spirit. On the Nintendo Game Boy things are toned down a bit but otherwise it is the same storyline as the arcade original – you are dead and your girlfriend’s scientist father summoned you. Your goal is to possess people in the levels and use their abilities to find your girlfriend. Sounds simple.

This is where classic games sometimes shine, the level design and how challenges are presented to you. In Avenging Spirit, the levels often go many screens high and are many screens wide, filled with jumps and enemies to take out or possess.

Take too much damage with the current enemy and you will have to possess another enemy. Different enemies have different weapons that can make your efforts easier or harder.

If you want an original copy of Avenging Spirit then hit eBay. If you are a mobile fan then check iTunes for the iPhone port. Finally, if you have access to the Nintendo eShop Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS then you can grab Avenging Spirit there.