Balanced Diet Limited Run on Game Boy Advance

New Game Boy Advance games are not as common as they are for Atari 2600 but they are just as cool.  The homebrew/indie scene constantly comes up with new game ideas that would probably have died early on in a corporate environment.  One such new title, Balanced Diet for the Game Boy Advance probably has absolutely ZERO chance to see release had it been pitched to a company like Capcom or Konami.  It has seen release in an extremely limited run, about 80 copies.

The developer, and publisher, Sebastian Mihai has gone so far as to create a cardboard sleeve, color manual, blue cartridge and a sticker (I think).  Talk about going the extra mile.

Balanced Diet plays similar to Bejeweled and other match 3 games.  The screen is made up of a lot of icons that must be dealt with.  Unlike match 3 titles though, you are not having to rotate/swap icons for them to disappear.  Instead, you move your 2×2 square around and highlight various icons on the screen.

There is a subtly nudge about our diets here if you pay attention.

These icons represent one of two types of foods.  Either bland/healthy or tasty/unhealthy.  On the left side there is a meter that goes up and down.  This is your diet choices in a chart.  Eat too many unhealthy foods and you end up having a heart attack.  Eat too many bland foods and you lose due to a bland diet.  Along the bottom is a meter that moves to the left, filling up, which represents your hunger level.  You better make some choices because if that hunger meter fills, you die of hunger.

There is a real sense of urgency as the hunger meter fills up and you are trying to mentally throw around what to do about your highly unhealthy diet.

Head over to to grab a copy of the ROM for Balanced Diet.  You may want to see about one of those physical copies while you are there.