Bandit Gaming: Mario Combat for Nintendo Virtual Boy Inches Closer to Final Build

Nintendo Virtual Boy owners are used to having limited games to play but thanks to indie developers, that list is slowly growing. While not complete, Mario Combat is on its way, inching closer to an official release. Basically this is a limited variation on Yoshi’s Safari for the Super Nintendo mixed with some Doom graphics (gun and reloading animation).

Purportedly taking advantage of the 3D hardware with the objects being thrown by King Koopa/Bowser (depending on where you know him from). Moving the cursor around the screen and shooting the objects knocks them out, much like every other light gun game from Hogan’s Alley to Mechanized Attack and Operation Wolf.mario combat 2 mario combat 3

While not complete, Mario Combat does show promise and is interesting nonetheless. To grab your copy of Mario Combat head over to the Planet Virtual Boy thread.