Bandit Gaming- Microsoft Windows 95 is Being Ported to the Nintendo 3DS

When Microsoft released Windows 95 it heralded in the easier to use computer age.  Prior to Windows 95 there had been plenty of attempts to give the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) a graphical user interface (GUI).  All of those attempts were failures on many levels- most of which was actually getting a significant number of MS-DOS users to use any particular one.  Microsoft had something those other attempts didn’t have- almost limitless funds to advertise their product.  Also, Microsoft had in roads with game developers so they were able to swing deals to get games “compatible with” or “requires” Windows 95 (later 98, XP, 7, etc).  It was not an all too easy road but Windows 95 revolutionized the home computer- much to the chagrin of command line supporters and those that despised Microsoft.  Now, hackers are working on porting Microsoft Windows 95 to the Nintendo 3DS and they are quite far already.

While not perfect and apparently really slow, the Nintendo 3DS does indeed have Windows 95 running.  In the video below we are privy to the startup screen and one setup screen.  The programmer behind this port promises to release a video of the Nintendo 3DS booting to the desktop soon.

We have seen ports like this before.  There have been people that worked on getting other systems to run on the Nintendo hand helds.  DOSBox (MS-DOS emulator) and even various flavors of Linux have been attempted over the years on various Nintendo portable hardware.  Most of these programs end with the developer throwing their hands up in the air in disgust at their failure.  This is tough stuff, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

This is interesting considering the touch controls that the Nintendo 3DS offers.  Theoretically you could play some basic games on this setup if speed is increased enough.  Maybe someday we could be playing Command and Conquer, Doom, Quake and others on the Nintendo 3DS via this Microsoft Windows 95 port.  I can dream.

The thread over on covering this port has already hit 18 pages in less than a day.

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