Bandit Gaming: Resident Evil 2 GBA Tech Demo Released

This article was made available on Gaming on Nintendo on June 29th, 2013- While many gamers are aware of the Resident Evil game that was headed to the Game Boy Color, how many know that there was a company in Italy that took it upon themselves to port Resident Evil 2 to the Game Boy Advance, without permission apparently.  While it was a tech demo, something developers use to show off their skills to publishers in hopes of getting work, it is still quite cool to see it running on the GBA.  Big thanks to for the heads up.

Some background info here on this tech demo:  Raylight Studios, originally based in Italy, formed in 2000 and needed a bit of tech to show off their capabilities as programmers.  Not sure what to do, they did the only thing they could think of that would impress publishers looking for developers- port Resident Evil 2 to the GBA.  They did this with Metal Gear Solid also if anyone is interested.

Why are we covering this now?  Because according to, online preservation group – Past to Present Online (responsible for Conkers and Perfect Dark 64 betas being released) has tracked down the owner(s) of the actual ROM for this unofficial port of RE2.  Through true fan funded style, PTP reports the ROM file will be released for free on the net after a fan fund raiser has completed all handled by a third party.

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