Bandit Gaming – Star Fox Ported to Pico-8 Named PicoFox

Another classic Nintendo franchise that doesn’t get a lot of love is Star Fox. A fan has ported the game to the Pico-8 gaming hand held under the name of PicoFox. What is amazing is how closely PicoFox is to the Super Nintendo original. 8-bit never looked so good.

This is not a level for level remake of Star Fox, but rather a three level game based in the classic Nintendo world. What is presented in PicoFox is spot on. The polygons are filled in and scale quite well considering the hardware this is running on.

Everything in PicoFox is reminiscent of the Super Nintendo original. The animations are smooth and well done–everything is smooth. Sure, this is an 8-bit title, so, graphically, PicoFox is not going to stand up all that well to the Super Nintendo original. Considering the hardware we are talking about the Pico-8 here, this is an impressive fan port and one that many will want to load up and play.

The Pico-8 hand held is a little programmable computer device that fits in your pocket. The Pico-8 is a complete gaming suite in your hands that allows you to create games. Featuring a 128 by 128 pixel display with 16 colors on screen at once, the Pico-8 is not exactly an HD hand held. Games are limited to 32k and programmed in Lua. This is why PicoFox is so impressive, especially considering the Super Nintendo version required additional hardware in the cartridge.

Star Fox has been kept alive by Nintendo over the years on newer hardware, though they skipped the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. It is likely that PicoFox could be shut down due to a cease and desist from Nintendo’s lawyers, but I hope they look the other way on this one.

Head over to Lexaloffle to grab your copy of PicoFox.