Bandit Gaming: Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, for Virtual Boy Spotted in Wild

That is a convoluted title, for sure, but it is true.  A port of Street Fighter II Champion Edition, called Hyper Fighting, for the Nintendo Virtual Boy has been found in the wild.  We are talking complete here folks- box, manual and cartridge, for the Virtual Boy.  Video and pics after the jump.

This is a port of the Capcom title so don’t get yourself worked up thinking another prototype has been discovered.  There are not many copies of this available, no one knows for sure how many are out there.  My question is, with the high level of forgeries available, would it be that hard for an enterprising jerk to recreate this and offer it on Ebay as a prototype to an unsuspecting populace?

Back to the port, which is really a high quality one at that.  There are line scrolls in the levels, just like the arcade game (and many home ports) and the usual cast of fighters are on hand to fight it out.  The introduction is based on the arcade game, not the edited home editions and based on the video we have available, the move list has not been compromised to fit the Virtual Boy.hyper-fighting-1

This is an interesting port as it shows some reworking of the game, particularly in the character select screen.  While modding old games is not impossible it is interesting that the people behind this release went this gung ho about it.  Most would have stopped at porting a version of Street Fighter II Champion Edition to the Nintendo Virtual Boy and called it a day.hyper-fighting-2

The reason this is not available for purchase is, according to, concerns over copyright issues with Capcom.  It remains to be seen how Capcom would react to this type of release, though the people behind Hyper Fighting are not interested in finding out themselves.