Bandit Gaming- Unreleased Salamander HD Remake Android Version Leaked, We Review It

Konami used to make really cool games.  Stuff like Gradius, Contra and Salamander to name a few.  There were few methodical scrolling shooters that could hold their own against Konami’s best in the genre.  Salamander, titled Life Force for North American release, was originally a spin-off of the Gradius series of scrolling shooters.  Well, recently, someone leaked the Japan only, unreleased, Salamander HD Remake online and it is quite a glorious experience.  Oh and you are going to have to have an Android device to enjoy this version.  Sorry iPhone owners.

The formula is pretty much like it was in the original, side scrolling and overhead scrolling levels alternating.  Enemies are methodical in their advancement and it is definitely your fault when you die.  Graphically, Salamander HD Remake is impressive- we simply don’t get many games like this in today’s market.  This is sad because methodically scrolling, thought provoking, shooters used to rule the gaming world with an iron fist.

Be ready to die and die a lot because in this version your finger will probably block some much needed screen real estate.  This is unfortunate but it is the nature of the beast.  The challenge level is quite high, as it needs to be for this type of game- if it is too low, longtime fans would feel insulted.

Konami was apparently planning to have this be a free title as there are In App Purchases available (they are in Yen so don’t bother).  This is a Japanese title so be prepared to not understand 99.99% of the text in the game.  Start and Endless are in English so it is easy figuring out how to at least start the game you want.

GDP XD Specifics:
Owners of Android hardware like the GDP XD (Willgoo store link) can make use of the hardware controls.  There is a problem with this though as the controls don’t quite work right for moving your ship around.  This is unfortunate as the GDP XD would be perfect for Salamander HD Remake.

Salamander HD Remake by Konami
Platform: Android
Genre: Scrolling shooter/Arcade
In App Purchases: Yes, had it been released
Release date: Unreleased, leaked online here