Bargain Bin Winners Immortal Redneck

Immortal Redneck Nintendo Switch

Explosions, shotguns, magic and more can be found in Immortal Redneck. Released in the Nintendo Switch during the early months of 2018, this title promises to capture the spirit of both being undead, and a redneck. However, Immortal Redneck isn’t just loaded with jabs at our country brethren, as it is actually an excellent title worthy of the price of admission. Yet, as a low cost title you shouldn’t expect a fully-fledge storyline filled with dragons and maidens as it is more of a mindless relaxation shooter filled with Egyptian themed enemies and gods. But, what exactly is Immortal Redneck? Is it about a redneck that can’t die? Is it about Mummy that found its way to Southern Alabama? Or is it simply a fun game that should be at the minimum given at least a try? Well, no, no and perhaps.

Immortal Redneck is a simple title that doesn’t demand much thought from the player. The premise is very rudimentary with your protagonist having been on vacation to Egypt only to suddenly find himself cursed to become a reincarnating mummy in the middle of some pyramids that can be entered by offering your gold. From that point onward, you know almost everything you have to know about the story. Once the player is inside the pyramid his job is to clear each floor by eliminating all the enemies and trying to win in the challenge rooms (success is optional).

Every so often an enemy/chest will drop a scroll that will grant a perk that can potentially make your journey a cakewalk But, be careful as some scrolls (randomized) are cursed and while some curses are bearable others will drive you to madness. You continue on your journey by going up each of the elevators (makes as much sense in context) that are in one or two rooms per floor.

However, not only does going up get you one step closer to your goal; it also increases the difficulty of the rooms along with the prizes. This feature creates a risk/reward system for which you’re not really punished. You’re immortal and as such you’ll continue coming back to your sarcophagus every time you are destroyed. This means you’ll have to start over from the beginning, but you’ll have the opportunity to purchase abilities and stat points to make your next journey easier and while you’ll probably die a few times along the way… at least you’ll have fun doing so! Furthermore, the rooms are randomized every time you go inside the pyramids (unless you buy a specific perk) and offer new challenges that can make or break your trip inside.

The elements mentioned above are all standard roguelike fare which doesn’t really do justice to Immortal Redneck. But, it’s really the characterization of the protagonist that sells the cake. Packaged within this standard arcade shooter is a mummy that can’t stop making references to the real world, other games, forth wall breaking comments, and the tenacity that can be found in any red blooded ‘murican warrior. His jokes are fairly funny, especially if you’re familiar with the reference, and he’s got some pretty twisted humor at times (definitely not a game you want your kids to play if you don’t like cursing). The trigger for most of the phrases and jokes is usually picking up a different weapon, and that’s actually one topic that needs to be discussed.

The arsenal available in Immortal Redneck is actually quite varied. You’ll have your standard guns like the AK, Uzi, varying pistols, but, you’ll also have access to “unique” ones like an electric sword or a gauntlet that fires homing phoenixes as bullets. You’ll typically find a couple of favorites and stick to them, but your starting loadout (as well as stats) depends on the blessing of whatever god you’re using as your benefactor.

Each of the gods in the game offer different stats to help you on your quest. The redneck can select one of these every time he emerges from the sarcophagus and they’ll grant him benefits to speed, strength, and health along with numerous other benefits such as extra jumps, more weapons, powers, etc. You’ll want to switch them around as staying too long with a single one will cause its bonus perks to lower and the other gods’ to rise. This ensures you (the player, not the mummy) becomes familiarized with all of the weapons in the games and eventually become comfortable enough to use all of the gods without detriment. Of course, players will always choose their favorites in the end so it doesn’t really matter much. Still, you’ll go on your quest to reach the end of the pyramid with the intention of surviving as long as you can and winning a war of attrition against the entities that cursed you.

Overall, Immortal Redneck is definitely worth buying on your Nintendo Switch. It’s a download only title, so you’ll always be able to carry it with you, which is great because this game is perfectly suited for playing for about 30 minutes and carrying about. Subway, bus, coffee stops, a moment of boredom at the house, these are the moments when you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment of the Immortal Redneck as it’s an Indie title with a lot of personality and charming quirks. It’s not the most in-depth game you’ll ever play that’s for certain, but if you give it a chance you’re more than likely to enjoy it than no (especially if you like shooters).

I rate this game a mummy out of ten if I had to say anything, but that just means that you should try it out for yourself. You’re not going to blow 10 hours of work by buying this game, and it’s perfect for those moments of solitude that come about every so often.

The aforementioned reasons and more are why Immortal Redneck earns a place in my list of Bargain Bin Winners!
Immortal Redneck is currently available on the Nintendo Switch!