Blazing Chrome Pulls Strong From Contra Hard Corps

Blazing Chrome

JoyMasher may not be a household name yet though they are definitely working their way to that. Previous titles they have successfully released include Odallus: The Dark Call and Oniken and soon, in early 2019, Blazing Chrome. It is this latest title that has me interested, partly because it obviously pulls inspiration from Contra Hard Corps, on the Sega Genesis, and Metal Slug, a Neo Geo arcade classic franchise, but also because of the style. I love run and gun games and can fare quite a bit better with them than I can scrolling shooters like Raiden or Thunder Force III. Consider my ticket punched for this ride.

Much like the Konami and SNK classics, Blazing Chrome will feature two-player co-op modes, tons of enemies on-screen, and super detailed graphics that you just don’t see any more in independent developed titles like this, or at least not as often as I would like. Sure, JoyMasher has done the whole “8-Bit” look before, just look at Odallus: The Dark Call for that.

Blazing Chrome though, it draws on a much less used era of gaming – the super detailed arcade era. An era that I wished had lasted longer than it did. To see a new release in this style is awesome.

We all know that great graphics don’t make a great game so  I am hoping that JoyMasher are able to get the level design and challenge levels just right with Blazing Chrome. It is a delicate balance. Love the name by the way.

Things, as they say, blow up real good in Blazing Chrome. There is very little “fading out” of enemies or their body parts as things explode with flash and pieces flying every which way. Nice touches that go a long way in setting the mood.

Blazing Chrome is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PC (presumably Steam), and PlayStation 4 in early 2019. If you are interested in grabbing either Odallus: The Dark Call or Oniken, they are both on sale, as of this writing, on Steam.

Got a hankering for Contra or Metal Slug to tide you over till Blazing Chrome hits? eBay has your back.

Originally published on Retro Gaming Magazine.