Bounder Coming to Mobile Platforms, Features Three Versions

Bounder, originally published by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd in 1985, is coming to both Android and iPhone soon. For those that are not familiar with Bounder, you are controlling a tennis ball trying to navigate platforms suspended high in the air. Miss a jump and well, you die. Simple. Considering this is a classic title from the mid 1980’s it is anything but simple.

Each level is made up of these platforms suspended in the air and you must guide your tennis ball across them to the goal. Along the way you will encounter tiles that feature bonus points, boosts, and more. By jumping the chasms to the next platform, you can advance through the level.

The Commodore 64 version features parallax scrolling backgrounds as you progress through the level. Also, the levels are multiple screens.

The rights for Bounder were recently acquired by Matt Risley who is making a mobile release of three versions of the game. The Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad edition will be represented with recreations in one package for mobile platforms in 2018.

This mobile version of Bounder has been featured in Retro Gamer and Commodore Format. The original Bounder game will be featured on the Commodore 64 Mini also.

Source: Bounder website

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