Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle Coming to Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Steam

Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle

Capcom are not ones to shy away from reliving their past through re-released compilations. They gain a bit more respect from me for the fact that they also have been known to release new retro inspired entries in many of their franchises. Also, give them another thumbs up for giving gamers HD updates as well as those straight compilation collections. While the Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle is straight ports, it is special and deserves attention because Capcom are giving fans two former arcade exclusives in this bundle.

Games included in this bundle are:

Final Fight (1989)
The King of Dragons (1991)
Captain Commando (1991)
Knights of the Round (1991)
Warriors of Fate (1992)
and formerly arcade exclusives:
Armored Warriors (1994)
Battle Circuit (1997)

For me, this bundle is interesting for those two former arcade exclusives. I already have Final Fight HD on PlayStation 3 (along with Magic Sword) and love that game to death (get over it, FF is better than Streets of Rage).

While graphically these are direct ports, there is some nice additions brought to the table with the release of these games on modern platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, two player co-op drop in (either locally or over the Internet). This is great and will probably bring back more than a few memories for fans that remember rocking these titles in arcades with strangers by your side.

There are also the usual gallery options featuring instruction cards, game sleeves, development documents, etc that are almost expected with these types of releases.

I would personally love to see HD re-releases of some of the other games (considering Final Fight already has such an update).

This bundle launches on September 18th for about $20 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam platforms.

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