Capcom Hides Retro Styled Mini Games in Upcoming Nintendo Switch Releases

Capcom are one of the few companies sitting on a literal gold mine of classic content, yet they feel the need to only push out certain additions to newer franchises. This is sad, but it is part of the business, I guess, as they are out to make money and they are arguably quite good at it. Take for instance two of their upcoming releases for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom have seen fit to hide a couple of mini games in these which will at least get your mind off the main game action.

First up, Resident Evil Revelations will feature a score attack mini game, called Ghost Ship Panic, that is quite like classic arcade games like Galaga, Space Invaders or Centipede. The idea is to stop the pixelated versions of the Ooze, Scagdead, and Rachel enemies from reaching the bottom of the screen. The whole point is to simply shoot them with the onscreen cursor and rack up combos for higher scores.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 features the better of the two retro styled mini games.  This time it is a reskin of another classic Capcom franchise – Ghosts ‘n Goblins (some ports and such covered here). This is the much better of the two retro themed mini games that Capcom have made for this dual Resident Evil Revelations release on the Nintendo Switch. Ghosts ‘n Homonculi stars Barry Burton as he takes on various creatures that carry a slight resemblance to those in the Resident Evil Revelations games – you may have to squint a little and suspend some disbelief to make the magic happen here folks.

Now, why are these mini games in Resident Evil Revelations? Are they hiding long loading times? Are they there as a distraction? Well, it seems they do have a more upfront reason, at least according to Capcom, in players can earn Battle Points which are used in upgrades in the main games “Raid Mode” stores. That is what they are saying anyhow, I figure there are some long load times they are wanting to hide.