Carmageddon Goes Free for Android Users, Reports of Bugs Already

Carmageddon is a classic vehicle based action game with horror overtones.  If you remember Death Race 2000 then you know the basic idea of Carmageddon already.  Not content with just being a homage game to that classic movie, Stainless Games Limited went further and created a phenomenon in gaming.  Spawning a few sequels and remakes on computers and consoles over the years, the original Carmageddon was never really bested.  Several years ago, we saw an Android and iPhone port of this horror racer and life was good.  Now, the publishers have released the Android version freely to the world but things have changed and not for the better apparently.

While it is great that more gamers will be able to enjoy Carmageddon now, it is a shame that the free version (which includes a cross marketing ad server) is causing problems for some gamers.  I have the paid version (it was $1.99 on Google Play) and have had no problems whatsoever with it outside of figuring out how to enable the level map so I can get every pedestrian.

Some users of the free Carmageddon game are stating it locks up after the first few screens (before/after the title screen).  Others are reporting that they have no sound.  While the minimum version of Android that is required to play Carmageddon is version 2.3, people on all versions up to the latest are complaining of problems.  This is not good.  Could the ad server be the culprit here?

Interestingly, there was already a free version of Carmageddon available on Google Play (it was used to promote the game coming to Android or something and was deactivated).  I am not sure why they didn’t just reactivate that version and be done with it?

Carmageddon FREE by Stainless Games Limited
Genre: Horror, racing, Death Race 2000 in gaming form
Platform: Android (review available here)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Mature
Available now on Google Play