Cat Quest Android Bound Next Week

Cat Quest Android

Mobile gamers are often left out of the fun of games like the Legend of Zelda (prior to the Nintendo Switch) or Skyrim. We just don’t see many games in this style for Android or iOS. That is a shame because when something like Cat Quest by The Gentle Bros comes along, it just reminds us how powerful these devices are that we carry in our pockets. I call this the 3DO syndrome. There are so many companies that just throw something out there that few stop and think, maybe we should do a “traditional” style video game. Luckily, Cat Quest is just that, with mobile kept well in mind.

Cat Quest is being billed as having a mix of the Legend of Zelda by Nintendo, Final Fantasy by Square Enix, and Skyrim by Bethesda. How? Well, the overworld is apparently like that of the Final Fantasy series, the battles take place in the style of the Legend of Zelda (action based) and the overall world you run around in is open, like Skyrim. Whew.

Now, based on the release trailer above, I can tell you a few things. First, I am extremely interested in playing Cat Quest now. Second, the game is obviously well designed graphically and looks quite impressive. Third, it is coming to Android next week (September 15th).

The art style appears to be somewhat more detailed than cell shading but still has that feel to it. Like watching a cartoon drawn by artists from the West versus watching an anime. Both are cartoons but one contains more detailed artwork than the other.

Cat Quest is currently available for other platforms which is great for them (links at the bottom). For Android users, this is nothing new – having to wait till second place or even third, or never, to see a port of a good game. At least The Gentle Bros are releasing Cat Quest on Android so let’s show them support next week.

Cat Quest by The Gentle Bros
Platform: Android, also on Steam and iOS
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
In App Purchases: None in the iOS version, none expected in the Android version
Rated: 9+ on iTunes
Available now on iTunes and Google Play

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