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Pac-Man 256 Review

Pac-Man 256

Okay, messing with the classics can be a tough thing to do right.  Just look at what happened in the late 90’s with Battlezone by Activision.  What a mess that was.  There have been a few other attempts over the

Block Legend on Android Review

Block Legend

Puzzle games don’t usually have a lot of longevity outside of the actual gameplay. With Block Legend, the block destroying is not the whole game since there are a ton of characters to collect, levels to unlock and bosses to

Dandara Launches on Android and iPhone


2D side scrolling action games are slowly making a comeback. Take for instances Dandara for Android (previously on Nintendo Switch). This is an action adventure game that pulls inspiration from Metroid and Castlevania and puts its own spin on the

X-Files Deep State Brings Hit TV Show to Mobile

X-Files Deep State

How long has it been since we got an X-Files game? Last one I remember was on PlayStation, the original, a Full Motion Video mixed with point and click adventure. I know there was one on the PlayStation 2, or

Sonic CD Classic Joins Sega Forever Collection on Mobile

Sonic CD Classic Sega Forever

Sega is pushing their retro games with this Sega Forever project over on mobile platforms. On one hand it is awesome because you can play the full game with intermittent advertising pop up (free to play basically) or you can

Fetch Water in Ayo a Rain Tale, Out Now on Mobile

Ayo A Rain Tale

Clean drinking water is a benefit that most of us take for granted. There are plenty of people in the world that do not have access to clean drinking water, or clean water at all even to cook with or

Reality Reflection Successfully Raises $5million Through ICO Pre-Sale

Due to the complexity of the content, we are presenting this press release as is as it was provided by the company. This is a rather interesting development that will impact future games, not just those on Android and iOS.

Hitman Sniper Temporarily Free on Google Play

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper has gone temporarily free on Google Play. If you are in the mood for more action like Contract Killer Sniper, then you are going to want to grab this one. There seem to be a few differences between

Contract Killer Sniper Mobile Game Review

Contract Killer Sniper

How do you take a genre such as first-person shooters (FPS) and move that over to mobile where mouse and keyboard controls are not viable options? First, you remove the option to move throughout the environment. This limits the player

New Mobile Games Just Released, January 24th 2018

Scooby Doo

Mobile gaming is only picking up as we move forward. While early on, mobile games were kind of crappy, they certainly have come a long way in the last half a decade. While we still see our fair share of