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Fan Creates Waluigi Tribute Using Over 26,000 Dominoes, I Cannot Even Fathom the Effort This Took

Waluigi Dominoes

While Nintendo is not all that keen on giving Waluigi his own game, they hardly let Luigi out on his own, that has not stopped one fan from giving this misbegotten character some love. To the tune of over 26,000

Oregon Trail Hand Held Review Target Exclusive

Oregon Trail

If you are not old enough to have experienced Oregon Trail in computer class, then I am sorry. You are living a life that is not complete. Thanks to Basic Fun, the manufacturer of this new hand held, that is

Operation Wolf Homage Launched on iPhone

Operation Warcade iTunes

Operation Warcade has just launched on iPhone and fans of the classic arcade game, Operation Wolf, should be excited right now. While homages are often just rip offs of the title they are “paying” homage to, Operation Warcade skillfully avoids

GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch Bound

Nintendo Switch GameMaker Studio 2

Game development is tough. Just ask anyone that is a game developer. As technology matured and software followed suit, more and more engines and programs started becoming mainstream that allowed creation of games. GameMaker Studio is one of those pieces

Could Half Life 3 Become Mobile Exclusive?

Valve Logo

It is apparent that Valve have gotten their Source 2 engine running on mobile platforms. While this is cool news, it brings up a rather interesting situation. To really make this news break through with fans Valve is going to

Sims Mobile Review

Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts know how to ruin a good thing on mobile. For proof just look at how they handled Dungeon Keeper. The Sims Mobile is no different either. While I wish I could say this was a mobile version of

Kona Gives Nintendo Switch Fans Suspense Survival Horror Scares, Also Available on NVIDIA Shield

Kona Nintendo Switch NVIDIA Shield

Survival horror games have evolved so much since the days of titles like Alone in the Dark or Resident Evil. In the early days it was all about controlling your viewpoint while playing to produce those scares that were sorely

Yans World New Homebrew Independent Nintendo Virtual Boy Title in the Works

Yan's World Nintendo Virtual Boy

Who is still rocking a Nintendo Virtual Boy “portable”? Probably not many people reading this. For the few that are, you may want to check out this title, Yan’s World. This is a new homebrew independent release that is scheduled

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Reaction Video Surfaces

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros is an iconic game franchise for Nintendo. Having launched on the Nintendo 64 many years ago, Super Smash Bros is certainly a great series. This is an ideal case of Nintendo being Nintendo. They have a knack

Baldurs Gate Sale and Expansion Launched on Mobile

Siege of Dragonsphear

Right now, on both Google Play and iTunes you can grab a copy of Baldur’s Gate for less than the cost of a Burger King Whopper sandwich. Yep, the classic overhead role-playing game is available for less than $3 on