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Dragon’s Lair Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Dragon's Lair

I know, it seems like just a week ago I wrote about Dragon’s Lair coming to the PlayStation 4 (it was actually back in October of 2018). Well, now it appears that Digital Leisure have plans to release Dragon’s Lair

Nintendo Game Boy Could be Your Next Wireless Controller

Nintendo Game Boy wireless controller

When it comes to wireless controllers gamers have plenty of options, few being cross platform though. One fan of not only wireless controllers but the Nintendo Game Boy brand has taken things into his own hands. I apologize, I could

ACA Neo Geo The King of Fighters 2002 Now Available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

ACA Neo Geo King of Fighters 2002

Fans of one on one fighting games probably know the name King of Fighters quite well. If not, what kind of fan of the genre are you? Anyhow, this was the ninth game SNK released in the King of Fighters

Blazing Chrome Pulls Strong From Contra Hard Corps

Blazing Chrome

JoyMasher may not be a household name yet though they are definitely working their way to that. Previous titles they have successfully released include Odallus: The Dark Call and Oniken and soon, in early 2019, Blazing Chrome. It is this

Tetris Axis Review for Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Axis Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo and Tetris go way back. The original Gameboy hit it big, in part, because Tetris came bundled with the system at launch. The Tengen version of Tetris is still sought after by NES collectors. Personally, I’ve not played Tetris

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Goes on Sale on Amazon

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

Fans of SNK fighting games will be excited to know that SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy has gone on sale. The Nintendo Switch physical edition is on sale right now at about 55% off the normal price. There is a

Player Prints and Frames Breath of the Wild Playthrough

Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch

How big of a Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild fan are you? Big enough to take over 200 screen shots of your game then painstakingly compile them into one huge image and frame it? Imgur member kazoodac did just that.

Avenging Spirit Brings Otherworldly Fun to Nintendo Game Boy – Today in Retro Gaming – December 24th, 1992

Avenging Spirit Nintendo Game Boy

When you think of gaming you probably think all of the interesting ideas have been done before. One gaming trope that never took off is the whole possession thing. Sure, we had morphing characters such as Shang Tsung in the

ACA Neo Geo Puzzle Bobble Now Available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

ACA Neo Geo Puzzle Bobble

Fans of classic arcade gaming will know the name “Neo Geo”, the home console that was literally the arcade machine (as the price for games attested). The latest release in the ACA Neo Geo line is Puzzle Bobble, which is

Battle Princess Madelyn Reignites Ghouls n Ghosts Feel

Battle Princess Madelyn

It is not that often that I get to write about a new game like Battle Princess Madelyn. More often then not, these newer games “inspired” by a classic title opt for “8-bit graphics” instead of going for anything resembling