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Marble It Up Launches on Nintendo Switch, Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Marble It Up Nintendo Switch

3D marble style games are nothing new, we have seen them from time to time over the years. Super Monkey Ball comes to mind immediately for instance. While many are quick to attempt to copy a title like Super Mario

PlayStation Users Pay Amusement Tax to Chicago Now, Seriously

PlayStation Logo

It is a fine time to live in Chicago Illinois, a city usually better known for their gun related violence. They are now aiming, no pun intended, for a new goal, this time for charging their citizens to enjoy anything

Potential Dark Side to Current Gamestop Nintendo Switch Trade-In Offer

Nintendo Switch Diablo III Edition

The early adopters of new hardware are effectively the guinea pigs so to speak. Especially here lately as new hardware revisions are introduced as brand new extensions of the previous hardware. This has happened with the Xbox One, Xbox One

Gal Metal Gets Launch Date for Nintendo Switch

Gal Metal Nintendo Switch

If you thought we were done with using the standard controllers as maraccas and such when we left the Nintendo Wii U behind then you are probably one of the few that has never played a Nintendo Switch. XSEED Games

Child of Light Ultimate Edition Comes to Nintendo Switch

Child of Light Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch

Originally released way back in 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii U platforms, the Ultimate Edition of Child of Light launched on the Nintendo Switch on October 11th.

Descent Underground to Enter Testing Phase

Descent Underground

Descent Underground is a Kickstarter success story still in development. Having reached their goal, Descendent Studios have been working on Descent Underground with intent to fulfill their end of the bargain fans entered into by backing the project. In November,

Xenon Racer Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam

Xenon Racer Nintendo Swtich

Racing games are a necessary evil for many consoles. They are often used as yard sticks of sorts while some are just flat out fun to play. Ever since my first run through the original Need for Speed on 3DO,

Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle Coming to Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Steam

Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle

Capcom are not ones to shy away from reliving their past through re-released compilations. They gain a bit more respect from me for the fact that they also have been known to release new retro inspired entries in many of

Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

Diablo III Nintendo Switch

Diablo III is the latest continuation of the popular Blizzard franchise. We have just learned the launch date for Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch. Fans wanting to slap some undead demons around on the go or at

Defunct Launches on Nintendo Switch

Defunct Nintendo Switch

Speed running is apparently still a popular thing and for those into it you now have Defunct on the Nintendo Switch. A game that is seemingly designed from the ground up for speed, and speed runners to set records. Carl