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Wild Guns Reloaded Nintendo Switch Bound

Wild Guns Reloaded

Anyone that owned a Super Nintendo probably can tell you their favorite shooter game. Most will not pick Wild Guns though. Why? I am not sure but this game originally flew way under the radar and, at best, garnered a

Nintendo Switch Emulator Announced, Super Mario Odyssey May Yet Come to Computers

Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch is not quite a year old yet, at least in North America, which makes this announcement rather interesting. The group behind the Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra, have announced they have created a Nintendo Switch emulator. It is

Bayonetta 2 Non-Stop Climax Edition to Support English Language


Well, concerns over fans being able to enjoy Bayonetta 2 Non-Stop Climax Edition on day one is now solved. This Japan, and other Asian regions, exclusive will support English in the initial release on Nintendo Switch. This means, fans can

Experienced Nintendo Switch Developers, Roll Call

Rivals of Aether Steam

It is not all that often that I get to write up basically a job listing for a game developer. First, they did not ask for this, this is a common courtesy being extended to someone in the industry to

Nightmare Boy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nightmare Boy Nintendo Switch

Fans of Metroidvania style games will want to check out Nightmare Boy as it is now Nintendo Switch bound. Nightmare Boy is a Spanish-made action adventure title that will feature sprawling levels and monsters around every corner. The file size

Review: The Mummy Demastered for Nintendo Switch

Movie tie-in games have a long and not so illustrious history. Developer WayForward also has a history of movie tie-in games, but also a history of great retro-inspired games. Universal’s The Mummy reboot did not take off at the movie

Nintendo Continues Tying Game Content to Amibo Purchases

Super Mario Odyssey Logo

Nintendo are new to the whole In App Purchase business model, only having recently joined the ranks of companies making mobile games. That has not stopped them from giving this business model a makeover by offering certain in-game content with

WWE 2K18 “Burn It Down” Game Play Trailer Released

WWE 2K18 2K Games wrestling

I am a fan of the WWE product. That is a fact for anyone that has followed my writing very long. Over on Gravis Ludus and Steemit I do quite a bit of writing about WWE. Recently the “Burn It

Super Meat Boy Forever Coming to Switch, Android, iPhone, Playstation and More

Super Meat Boy Forever

Anyone reading this that does not know about Super Meat Boy probably should go check it out. Even if you hate it, at least get a basic understanding of the premise. Why? Because the sequel is coming to multiple platforms