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Why The Nvidia Shield Is The Greatest Gaming Console/Handheld Ever!

Hello everyone HandHeld Lover here sorry for being away for so long. Some things came up that needed taking care of. But worry not as I have not only kept up with gaming news but I have also been gaming the whole time I was away. Well Nvidia has been very busy since last time […]


Nvidia Grid Beta Has Gone Global The World Is Forever Changed!

Hello friends Handheld Lover here once again to serve you a heaping helping of Nvidia news. It is official the Grid Cloud Game Streaming Beta has gone Global. But instead of just playing games using Grid myself as I have already done repeatedly I let my future brother in law and his friend play some […]


Sine Mora Nvidia Shield Review

Welcome once again dear friends! We have here one of the most beautiful well put together games to ever be created!


Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Nvidia Shield Review

This game craps all over Call of Duty! Yes my dear friends it is true a mobile offering is better than this years console equivalent. This game is without a doubt awesome! The graphics are high end console quality and the game play and controls are spot on. The locations and enemy AI are wonderful. […]


Nvidia’s Grid Game Streaming Evolution At Its Finest!

Once again Friends I Handheld Lover have been the quintessential lab-rat and have thoroughly tested Nvidia’s online game streaming service known as Grid.  


Hungry Shark Evolution Review

I feel the need to feed! Welcome back friends Handheld Lover here to tell you all about a shark game that has all the bases covered on being a well put together game. First and foremost this is a stellar example of the free to play model everyone is so head over heels about these […]


Madden NFL 25 Review

Hi fellow gamers! Handheld Lover here with the low down on Madden NFL 25. I’ve tested this game on my Nvidia Shield. I must admit this game stinks! The graphics suck as well as the game play with or without using the gampad mapper feature. Worse you get ripped off for real money and time […]

pet rescue saga logo

Pet Rescue Saga Tutorial for Level 82 are known for their addictive games, titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and the list goes on.  Their secret to success is apparently to take a tried and true formula, CCS was basically Bejeweled, and add their trademark charm to it and wham- success.  No matter if you recognize Pet Rescue […]


Dead On Arrival 2

Yet another Zombie Survival game for Android and yet another review by yours truly Handheld Lover. Dead on Arrival 2 is a few steps above the original in every respect. It has improved graphics and controls along with some mild story elements. While not the huge upgrade everyone was wanting, this is still a game […]


Galaxy On Fire 2 HD

Oh yeah this is a personal pleasure doing this review.  It was this games predecessor that got me to see Android as a true gaming platform. And thankfully this sequel has everything the original did and more!


Burn Zombie Burn Review

Ahh so you came back! Welcome back friends I just hope you are ready for what lies ahead of us. We will be facing legions of zombies and I’m not just saying that I mean we really will have hundreds of zombies on screen at anyone time. Yes good times are ahead as long as […]


The Nvidia Shield And Other Gaming Tablets Are The True Next Generation Consoles/Handhelds!

Welcome back dear friends! If one were to look up articles written by me on this site one would find where I have repeatedly stated that Android gaming is the future and that Traditional consoles and handhelds would become extinct. Well guess what people the future is already here!


I’m Loving The Gamepad Mapper For The Nvidia Shield!

Greetings earthlings! This is Handheld Lover once again letting you in on all of the newest news and info concerning the Nvidia Shield. And boy do I have some news.


An Overlooked Gem Of Gaming Michael Jackson MoonWalker

Greetings friends I have got one awesome gem of gaming history to share with you today. Michael Jackson’s MoonWalker!


Dead Trigger 2 Nvidia Shield Review

Ah my victims I mean friends you have returned for yet another one of my typed monstrosities I mean Articles. All jokes aside this game not only lived up to all of the hype surrounding it but some how it surpassed it!

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