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Android Powered Nokia Phone Reportedly Coming This Month

It has been long rumored that Nokia was playing around internally with an Android powered Lumia device. Those rumors became fervent with the announcement that Microsoft was buying Nokia with overseas money. Why was there suddenly more interest in this Android Lumia when the Big Win came swooping in? Because it is pretty much accepted […]


Turbo Racing League on Windows Phone 8 Using the Lumia 521

Based on the hit animated Dreamworks movie, Turbo, PikPok have brought Turbo Racing League to Windows Phone 8. Featuring nine different race tracks, special events such as time trial, limited fuel, slalom and more, Turbo Racing League will entertain fans of the movie and fas of racing games.


Civilization Revolution on Windows Phone 8 Using Lumia 521 (Pics)

Civilization was one of those iconic turn based strategy titles that has held its own over the decades since it was originally released. Now available on Windows Phone 8, Civilization Revolution brings a new interface to a familiar game.


Review: Hexic Rush on Windows Phone 8

Hexic Rush is an updated version of the original puzzle game, Hexic, that has been available on most mobile phones and Windows PC’s for years.  Originally created by Alexey Pajitnov, of Tetris fame, Hexic Rush hides it addictiveness behind a simple looking multi colored screen that beckons the player on.  

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Robo & Bobo, A New 3D Puzzler, Hits Mobile

3D puzzle titles are nothing new, we have had them for years, but as with this style of game, each has a unique pull. Robo & Bobo has cute graphics, challenges players to think like programmers and you know you want to reunite the robot with his teddy bear.

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Review: Where’s My Water 2 on Windows Phone 8

The first Where’s My Water game was well received here at Gaming on Batteries, scoring a mid range 80′s in our review over a year ago.  The second title is just what a sequel should be, more of the same that hooked players, with a dash of new to keep fans interested and coming back […]


Review: Rayman Jungle Run on Windows Phone (Endless Running Has a New Champ)

Rayman, the limbless hero from the 32-Bit days (he first appeared on the Atari Jaguar but completely dissed the 3DO for some reason) has just entered the “endless running” model for mobile devices.  Is this good?  Is this bad?  Is this a return to the old days of platforming and challenges that made you think […]


Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced (AT&T Exclusive, For Now)

Nokia is not new to cell phones, they have been around for awhile. For some, they were the defacto standard for a cell phone (I was like that for years, only Nokia phones). With the advent of Windows Phone, Nokia has been pushing hard to get back into the cell phone world in a better […]


Interview with Rudy Vasquez, the Inkmaster of Carnival of Souls Issue Zero – Riddle of the Skull

We kicked off the extremely special launch of the prequel issue for the Carnival of Souls books with an interview with Jazan Wild, the head Carny several days ago.  Now, we sit down with Rudy Vasquez (link to previous interview), the inkmaster as I call him behind Riddle of the Skull.  This is fitting since […]

ragdoll run windows phone (2)

Review: Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone (Not Your Typical Endless Runner)

Endless running games are getting a little long in the tooth. Plain and simple. This could be said of any genre that has gained popularity with some gamers versus others (a category I am quickly joining). That is why I’ve waited so long to review Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone.


Special Interview With Jazan Wild, Founder of Carnival Comics

To read a recap of the original interview I did with Jazan, please visit - INTERVIEW WITH THE WILD MAN HIMSELF, JAZAN WILD OF CARNIVAL COMICS.  To read my review of Riddle of the Skull, check out our latest Reading Digital column. Gaming on Batteries:    Could you recap how Carnival Of Souls came about? A […]


Reading Digital: Carnival of Souls Issue Zero- Riddle of the Skull

Sitting down and reading Carnival of Souls Issue Zero- Riddle of the Skull was quite a fun experience.  See, I am a member of the “Carnie Army” as Jazan Wild calls fans of Carnival of Souls fans and I am proud of it.  The books are great, awesome artwork (only improved with the addition of […]

jazan wild carnival comics preview

Solve the Riddle of the Skull in Carnival of Souls Zero

We have developed quite a close relationship with Jazan Wild and his work, Carnival of Souls, over the last year or so and boy has it been a wild ride.  We have been given a chance to cover the upcoming Carnival of Souls Issue Zero here for our readers.  One that I jumped at when […]

fairway solitaire

Review: Fairway Solitaire on Windows Phone 8

Genre mixing has quickly become the norm on mobile devices.  We had this happen with Puzzle Quest and it’s mix of Role Playing Game and Bejeweled puzzle elements.  Here, Big Fish Games have mixed solitaire and the game of golf.  Yes, cards and a game that is pretty much 100% outside and takes years to […]


A Brief History of Hand Held Gaming and Why Microsoft Xbox Needs to Be Involved

Many have tried to dethrone the mighty Nintendo from their pedistal built around hand held gaming. Those same companies have failed, some damn near into bankruptcy over their failed hand helds. It takes clout, it takes deep pockets and exclusive titles to even make a dent in the armor that the Game Boy built.

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