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Godfire Rise of Prometheus

When you think of Android or iPhone gaming you probably think of Bejeweled clones and Sudoku puzzles. Nothing wrong with those games but there is so much more to gaming on the go today than those standby genres. There are full blown role-playing games, 3D adventures, turn based strategy games, shooters, and more with extremely detailed and well-designed representatives on mobile devices today.

Let’s start with Beast Quest by Miniclip. This is a rather interesting title as it is not a new one. Originally released a few years ago, the game has only gotten better looking as hardware improved to run it on. You can run this game on $40 tablets so it is a budget friendly, beautiful release. Based on the book series, published by Scholastic, of the same name, gamers are tasked with thwarting an evil wizard that has put a spell on all the animals of the land. If you don’t complete your quest then the evil wizard will take over the land let his creatures destroy most of it, along with the people that live there.

What is so interesting about Beast Quest is that it is not only graphically impressive but the gameplay is well thought out for a touch screen. The screen is not overwhelmed with buttons that do various things – the controls are simple and change depending on what situation you are currently facing. While exploring you are given a run button, access to potions for healing and the like. When in battle, you are given evade left and right buttons, an attack button and of course, access to potions to heal.

Walking around the land you are guided by an on screen map (tap it for a larger view) and in world beacons for major events you are tasked with completing (such as returning to camp after a major battle). Beast Quest is planned to come to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles along with a release on PC’s (Windows via Steam) later this year.

Grab Beast Quest on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone soon Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows via Steam.

Next, we have Oceanhorn by FDG Entertainment. This is an overhead action adventure that is not unlike Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. Starting out waking up from a deep sleep you realize your father has disappeared and only left a notebook and a necklace. Taking a bit of a cue from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Oceanhorn has you exploring islands via a boat and a large ocean area.

Taking on this adventure is going to be one that you will not finish in one sitting though. Thankfully the tunes are provided by Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame and Kenji Ito of Seiken Densetsu fame. To say they are good is obviously going to be an understatement.

What sets Oceanhorn apart from similar titles is that the engine powering your adventure is full on 3D. Most games in this genre are 2D overhead affairs with rigidly fixed cameras. Not so in Oceanhorn and the game is just that much more beautiful thanks to the dramatic angles the camera can achieve as you play.

Grab Oceanhorn on Android, iPhone, Playstation 4 and PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Finally, we have Godfire: Rise of Prometheus by Vivid Games. This game is about as close to God of War as I have seen on Android so far. When you install Godfire you are in for a treat as the graphics are still quite good, the gameplay is still good and the boss battles are like God of War boss battles (minus the Quick Time Event triggers).

Battles are often ended with a Mortal Kombat-esque fatality style attack. This is something that I was hoping would be added to brawlers sooner than later, we are well past “later” at this point but it is better late than never, right?

The Android version of Godfire has exclusive content such as the new dynamic Lava Pit survival arena, Time Attack mode, new quests and better graphics.

Grab Godfire: Rise of Prometheus on Android and iPhone.

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