Contract Killer Sniper Mobile Game Review

Contract Killer Sniper

How do you take a genre such as first-person shooters (FPS) and move that over to mobile where mouse and keyboard controls are not viable options? First, you remove the option to move throughout the environment. This limits the player to simply handling aiming, or ‘mouse look’ if you will, and shooting their weapon. Contract Killer Sniper gives a bit more interaction than that though. While there are full blown FPS games on mobile devices, this is not one of them.

Before you run away from Contract Killer Sniper thinking it is just a 3D Angry Birds with guns, there is more here than my introduction paragraph lead on. There is more to this game than just going around and blowing enemies away ala Doom or Dead Trigger. If you attempt to just blast your way through the challenges of Contract Killer Sniper then you are going to see a lot of failure screens.

As the name suggests, there is a lot of stealth action to take in while playing Contract Killer Sniper. Stealth missions are not the only type of mission available – Glu Mobile have done their homework and created a few other mission types that make sense and expand the overall gameplay.

The load times are nearly as deadly as you are.

That is my only real complaint about Contract Killer Sniper – the loading times. I am playing on the Huawei Ascend XT2, an Octa core device with two gigs of RAM and plenty of storage left available and the load times are still horrendous. If the game was not so good, I would have stopped playing long ago.

Some of the missions you go on are shorter than the loading time you must sit through to get in and then back to the main menu. This is not good because many gamers will give up before they accomplish any real success in Contract Killer Sniper.

There is also an always on Internet connection required. This is probably to keep hackers from ruining the fun for everyone else. It is certainly annoying though.

Back to the actual game now that we have those problems out of the way. The main menu is a map of the globe with various available missions marked. Some missions require you to cause a certain amount of damage to the enemy while others are kill all missions. Then there are the assassination missions and the plant bombs assignments. These are on top of the normal sniper missions mixed in with some of these mission types.

When clicking on a mission assignment on the main map you receive a bit of information on it prior to accepting. This mission briefing tells you the experience and money you will receive for completing it. Sometimes there are bonuses to watch for such as intel reports on other big-name enemies, or tech pieces that you can use to build better weapons.

You have a life meter which depletes as you are injured in battle. This means you are going to have to eventually adopt a wait and see tactic otherwise death and that failure screen will come quick for you.Contract Killer Sniper

Adding to the depth of Contract Killer Sniper is the whole base, weapon, drone system – all of which have their own upgrades and such for you to play “deadly” Sims with. I find it more interesting deciding what upgrade to go for than taking on the enemy to earn the funds to perform those upgrades. Yeah, I am more of a tech head than I am “blow everyone away” when it comes to gaming.

Contact Killer Sniper is a free to play title and we all know what that means. There are more than three currencies at play in this title – something Glu Mobile is proficient at by now. I am going to focus on the main three here as the others are used sparingly. This means you are either going to grind or pay up – one or the other.

Gold is the rarest and is doled out a couple of bars at a time whenever you reach a new level. Of course, the best weapons are 100 gold bars or more each. With that in mind, you are either going to reach level 50+ before being able to afford one of those awesome rifles or you are going to crack your wallet open and part with some cash.

The next rare currency in Contract Killer Sniper is crystals. These are often only acquired during player vs player battles. This is my favorite mode so far because it is more assault than luring out an enemy or setting bombs.

Finally, the most common currency is the “cash” option. This one is earned by completing regular main map missions and is more abundant than the other two currencies.

Okay, besides using gold bars to buy better weapons they are also used to speed up upgrades. This is something I never recommend players do. This is a waste of the rarest currency in these games.

Crystals are used to primarily upgrade your base though later rifle upgrades will use them as well. At least Glu throw grinding gamers a bone with Contract Killer Sniper with the base upgrades. Your base can produce crystals, and you are in control of upgrading so that it produces, and stores, more crystals.

Upgrading your rifle is a requirement to advance as some missions require certain upgrades. This forces you to spend in game currency, grind, or part with real world money. Your choice.

Upgrades are levelized. This means you cannot simply upgrade the crystal production of your base without upgrading guard levels and player health as well. Same for weapons. You cannot upgrade only the reload time and ignore the shot rate or other upgrades available.

Contract Killer Sniper

There is also an energy option to pay attention to. Energy controls how many times you can play missions so when it is done, you are too till it replenishes. Glu have advertising enabled so you can often get a chance to watch a video to replenish one or three of your three energy units.

Contract Killer Sniper is not perfect, it is a free to play title that I would gladly pay $5 to $10 to play if there were no ads and no In App Purchases. Unfortunately, that is not even an option so here we are. Personally, I am going to continue my journey in upgrading my weapons and base long after this review is published. I cannot say I keep many games after reviewing them so that is a high honor in my opinion.

Contract Killer Sniper by Glu Mobile
Platform: Android (Ascend XT2 used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Shooter, tower defense
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Mature 17+ on Google Play and 17+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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