Could Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild be Coming to Android?

Zelda Breath of the Wild

It is no secret that Nintendo is working on a Legend of Zelda game for mobile platforms. The question is, which Zelda game is it going to be or is it going to be an all new adventure? Breath of the Wild is a major contender for being the title but is there enough evidence to point that way in the Zelda-sphere?

For those doubting Nintendo is working on a Zelda mobile game, the Wall Street Journal reported on it. Not exactly a gaming site so for them to pickup the news there must be something behind it.

Discussion over on Reddit is going wild over what this potential mobile Zelda game could be. Most are pointing towards it surely being a tie-in, or even a port, of Breath of the Wild. This would make sense for Nintendo as that is obviously the most popular Zelda game they have released so far and for many, it was a system seller for their Switch console.

Unfortunately, I see this being a companion app for Breath of the Wild if it is going to be anything within that game world. If it goes off on another tangent, then I could see it being a full-blown game on its own.

The reason I see this going companion app for Breath of the Wild rather than a full on mobile version is well, it is Nintendo. They are not “all in” on mobile at this point. Sure, Fire Emblem Heroes is reportedly doing well for them, but it is not enough to make them focus too much on mobile.

If they go full blown game like they did with Fire Emblem Heroes then I don’t think this will carry any connection to the Breath of the Wild game. For proof look at what they did with Super Mario Run. It is still Super Mario, but it is not tied to any of the console, or portable for that matter, versions.

Zelda style adventures can work on mobile. Just look at titles like The Fable of Ruby or Oceanhorn for a classic Zelda influence. For the 3D Zelda games, there are countless 3D action adventures with similar traits that show this mobile game could be very much player controlled. One I suggest checking out is Beastquest.


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  • GrimmyReaper

    That’s an odd assumption.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Zelda game on Mobile but more like Mario Run, Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem.

    Just enough of a Zelda game to get people to play it, but not good enough to be considered among the same quality.

    I wonder if Nintendo does that intentionally. Pokemon GO is hardly mentioned and that came before Sun and Moon. Mario Run before Mario Odyssey. Fire Emblem Mobile before new Fire Emblem game. Now Animal Crossing Mobile. Maybe a new Animal Crossing soon?

    • Carl Williams

      Yeah, I agree, there is not much chance of it being a full blown excursion but I can hope, right? Imagine if they were to release that 8-Bit version on mobile. That would be pretty awesome but not likely.

      What I see happening is probably going to be a companion app of some sort. Like inventory access, mini dungeons, mini games such as archery or something.