Custom Made Hearthstone Phone Cases are Here, Exclusivity is Key Here

Hearthstone iPhone Galaxy S8 phone case

What do you do when you are a huge fan of Blizzard’s Hearthstone game? You could get a tattoo but those are permanent and such – while cool now, may not be in 30 years (unless it is Mario, he seems to be timeless). You could buy a piece of apparel that everyone seems to have but that doesn’t exactly scream that you are a unique fan. How about a custom made officially licensed Hearthstone phone case? There are 15 assorted designs to choose from and each is custom made, one at a time – no mass production going on here.

Now, sit down before I tell you the price. It is not cheap and it can be a little shocking. For the most part, you are probably going to be the only Hearthstone fan to have one of these. That is a good thing, right?

$38.49 each.

Now, before you start on a tirade over that price keep in mind, these are not some garage hack item. These are officially licensed products and going official is not cheap (often licensing fees are fingered as a reason many produce illegal versions). Also add in the fact that these are being produced on 3D printers, not mass produced in a factory, and the price becomes slightly more understandable – though not easy for someone like me to digest for a phone case.

The 15 cases available are a mixed batch of designs. 10 cases feature art from the front of popular Hearthstone cards while the remaining five cases feature artwork from the back of certain Hearthstone cards. There is no option at the time of this writing to “create your own” or request different artwork for your phone case.

Before you think you will be rocking a new Hearthstone phone case on your Moto, ZTE, etc be warned, these cases fit specific phones. Particularly certain iPhone devices and Galaxy S5 to S8 devices are the only phones supported. Hey, if you are one of the millions that own one of the most popular brands then you are good to go with this costly attempt to set yourself apart as an individual. For the rest of us, we will have to settle for just playing Hearthstone on our devices.

Source: FabZat website.

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