Cyclops Duck Hunt VR Brings Genetic Engineering Concerns to Classic Light Gun Game

What are the repercussions of what will eventually be decades of genetic engineering?  No one knows.  A game developer has decided to take on the challenge, somewhat, with the release of Cyclops Duck Hunt VR for Android.  According to this game, a cyclops with a laser eye (similar to the same named X-Men character) and mutant ducks running amok in the world.  You must take them out before “Trump Ducks” take over the world.

The idea behind Cyclops Duck Hunt VR is just like Duck Hunt.  For those that don’t know, Duck Hunt was a classic light gun game for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980’s.  Ove the years developers have tried to duplicate the fun that was had in that retro gaming classic.  Some have come close while others failed miserably.  I have not played Cyclops Duck Hunt VR yet, this is just a news article alerting interested readers in its release.

Your cyclops is apparently stationary, just like you were in the original Duck Hunt.  The difference here is that you can turn around and follow ducks in a 360 virtual reality world.

Daisy Daisy, the developer/publisher has kept in mind that not all gamers have a virtual reality headset to enjoy Cyclops Duck Hunt VR.  That is why they included an option to turn the game into a regular 2D game that can be played on your Android device.

What is your take on classics like Duck Hunt getting reworked or virtual reality headsets like this?  We covered another one called Duck Hunt Life recently that has gotten a bit of interest from readers.  If you enjoy these games, let us know and we will continue to search them out.

Cyclops Duck Hunt VR by Daisy Daisy
Genre: Light gun, shooter, tower defense
Platform: Android, Virtual Reality headset
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play