Dariusburst, AKA Sagaia, Released for Android at a Premium Price Point for Mobile

Dariusburst was previously available on Playstation Portable (exclusive to Japan) and now, thanks to Taito, it is available on Android and iPhone.  For those of you reading this that have never played a Darius game, aka Sagaia, you are in for a treat if you like a challenge.  If not well, um, play something else.  Darius has never really been at the forefront of side scrolling shooters but it certainly has kept a certain level of quality with each release- quite a feat.  Now, Android and iPhone gamers will be able to enjoy Taito’s newest entry in the Darius brand.

Okay, ignore the “exclusive” to this platform comments in either the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.  Taito is not giving gamers a different version versus the other.  I am not sure why they use the word “exclusive” so much when both versions are exactly the same.

What fans can expect with Dariusburst is a remix of the original PSP game.  This means new enemy patterns and boss battles that are changed up to add a bit more of interest for those that have played this game already.  This is a good move on Taito’s part as it gives fans a, slightly, new game to enjoy.

Side scrolling shooter games used to be the norm in gaming, and for a short period they were all the rage on mobile devices too.  This sub-genre fits the touch screen world quite well and the auto fire option is usually welcomed by gamers.

Dariusburst by Taito
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Side scrolling shooter
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play 4+ on iTunes
Avaialble now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store


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