Dead 2048 Android Game Review

Dead 2048

What can I say about the game 2048 that will make you download and play Dead 2048? Not much actually. The game is not your basic 2048 game as there is a rather interesting tower defense mode include at no extra charge – which explains the whole zombie situation. Even if you are sick of 2048 games by now (I don’t blame you, this idea has been copied almost as much as Tetris in about 1/10th the time). No, what Dead 2048 offers is strategy above and beyond that of the underlying game.

The basic idea of 2048 is the core game play mode here. The tower defense stuff is mostly hands off and not your concern – other than getting as close to 2048 with your defense towers as possible. What happens if you achieve a 2048 in Dead 2048? You build the Biology Laboratory and save the world. No pressure though.

This is a free to play game so be ready for In App Purchases and the like. There are plenty of chances to get a leg up by watching ads so there is at least a free path to early upgrades, even if it is not much better than just grinding.

There are ads that pop up randomly and cannot be skipped until they have run for many seconds. Big no-no in my book.

Back to the actual game play. You will eventually “lose” by not being able to make any more matches and the board will be full. This is inevitable. It is just how the game is setup.

The strategy comes in when you mix the two genres that are on offer in Dead 2048 – the tiles of 2048 and the specifics for tower defense games.

As you make matches and pair up same level buildings you slide them across the board. These matches produce the next level building. A level 4 building, made from pairing two level 2 buildings is obviously a better attacker. Strategically speaking, you must find a way to get your higher-level buildings near the edges so that the people in them can attack the zombies as they pass by.

This means that you probably need to hold back and make more strategic moves than just randomly sliding around trying to match as high as you can early on.

Why? Because the zombies come in waves. You earn money for killing them and can use that money to buy upgrades for all your buildings or attackers. If you make all the available moves early on, you don’t have much to do with the game other than buying the appropriate upgrade when you earn the cash. This greatly depreciates the fun you will have with Dead 2048 which means you are more likely to start over at that point.

What is here is not going to change anyone’s minds if they are not fans of 2048 already. I would hazard to say that there is not enough of the tower defense side to pull fans of that genre in either.

The fun would be compounded a bit if you were able to keep your earnings from the previous game so that you had a slight leg up in the next. Instead, when you are dead or have no more moves, you are stuck watching the game play out or restarting. If you watch it play out then it may be a while before you die as your base has seven hit points with one being removed each time a zombie makes it that far.

There is a leaderboard to go for, but the scores are already in the millions and we are talking a few thousand points, at best, per round. If you are going for a top score on the leaderboard, you may as well set aside a lot of time, even if you rock at 2048, it will literally take a long time to reach the top 10-point totals.

I am a fan of 2048 and love seeing these new takes on the genre. I will continue to check them out and relay what I see. Dead 2048 is good for puzzle fans but not so much for tower defense fans so download accordingly. Me, I am uninstalling this one as I write this and moving onto the next game already.

Dead 2048 by Cogoo Inc.
Platform: Android (Ascend XT2 used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Puzzle, tower defense
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and on the iTunes App Store

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