Demon Castle – Homage to Castlevania Coming to Android

Okay, what was once planned to be a Flappy Bird clone that had Castlevania style graphics has morphed into a homage to the classic Konami title.  Demon Castle is not a rip-off of Konami’s title, more of a celebration by a fan.  What we now have is a procedurally generated action platform title pitting you against the enemies of the castle.  You are armed with only your whip and must rid the world of these minions of evil.  Good luck.

From the screen shots it appears that this is not going to be a widescreen game like we normally would think.  Holding your phone like normal you see more vertically than you do horizontally (this could be good or bad depending on your position on the angle of the phone while playing).  There are no set levels per se, rather the levels are generated on the fly, randomly, keeping things different each time you play.

Currently, forum member “shabadage” is planning on releasing Demon Castle for free with optional In App Purchases (IAP).  These IAP will be utilized to add characters to the game, remove advertising and other benefits.  There are also leaderboards planned along with Google Play Games integration and the various neat extras that entails.  Some of the extras will be achievements- everyone loves achievements today for some reason, they are planned to be in Demon Castle too.

Right now, information on Demon Castle is short.  There really is not a lot available at the moment.

Graphically it appears that Demon Castle is based in the 8-Bit era of Castlevania one and three.  This is good news for a lot of players (I preferred the adventure aspect of #2 myself).

Fans of Castlevania that know Konami of old is pretty much dead may want to keep an eye on Demon Castle, it may just fill that empty void.

Source: forums