Descent Underground to Enter Testing Phase

Descent Underground

Descent Underground is a Kickstarter success story still in development. Having reached their goal, Descendent Studios have been working on Descent Underground with intent to fulfill their end of the bargain fans entered into by backing the project. In November, PC Beta testing is scheduled to start and those that participated at key backing levels in the Kickstarter campaign will be able to participate.

“We began this journey in open development with gamers, and we want to launch that way too,” said Eric Peterson, CEO of Descendent Studios. “Once Little Orbit joined in, it allowed us to build an even bigger single-player campaign and enhance the entire experience. Together we will bring the wonder of Descent to a new generation and we are grateful to everyone who has made that possible.”

Descent Underground is a re-imagining of the franchise with an eye for modern gamers and new styles of gameplay.

Anyone that has ever played a Descent game knows there is no “floor” or “ceiling” to speak of. Sure, there is up and down, left and right but they are relative directions. Descent Underground makes use of the Unreal Engine 4 so if other games using that engine run well on your computer, odds are so will this title.

Pre-orders are open to allow fans that missed the Kickstarter campaign to get in on the fun.

Pre-ordering Descent Underground will get you:

Access to the PC Beta in November
A custom version of the Generation III “Viola” ship with new paint job
Special PC Beta challenges
Unlock exclusive pre-season cosmetic rewards
Free Multipass
Free Secret Missions DLC (Due later in 2019)

If I remember correctly, if you are easily effected by motion sickness then you might want to watch some videos before dropping cold hard cash on this one.

Check eBay for a deal on Descent.

Descent Underground by Little Orbit
Developer: Descendent Studios
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch
Genre: 360 shooter
Rated: Unknown at the time of publication
Available early 2019

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