Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat Pre-Registration is Now Available

Devil May Cry

Capcom knows how to make a hack and slash action game. They took over the genre early on with Final Fight, then swiftly handed it over to Sega and others with subsequent sequels. Regardless, Capcom have released some of the best hack and slash titles over the years. The Devil May Cry franchise is one such series. Pre-registration has just opened for the Android tie-in which is going by the title, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat.

Currently there is not a lot of information on exactly how Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat will play. I can only hope it retains some action elements from the console versions.

Other companion, or downsized for mobile, releases have often left a lot to be desired. Such as the Battlefield Companion – you are limited to doing frivolous stuff like designing a logo, checking your stats, achievements, etc. There is no real “game” to play.

The Destiny companion app is not much more involved but does let you manage your clan, check progress for characters, and offers Fireteam management/communication.

The Assassin’s Creed Unity App goes a little farther by offering the chance to complete puzzles that unlock new challenges, learn about Paris in an interactive map and more.

There are not a lot of “companion apps” that do much more than let you manage your character and maybe learn a bit about the game background story. This is a missed opportunity, I believe, for developers to make use of mobile devices to do things like shorter, more focused quests to upgrade their characters or to expand abilities in the main game.

Imagine if you could load a companion app while on your lunch break, not only check stats and various things for the main game but also play some quests of a more mobile nature. Maybe the companion app could offer levels that pertain to the main game somehow.

Anyhow, for those interested in signing up for the Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat release, go here, available for iPhone and Android.


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