DinoFour Brings Classic Action Platforming to Android

If you are lucky enough to own an Android gaming device that features hardware buttons then you are probably rocking plenty of the action platform games available on Google’s operating system.  From MANOS: The Hands of Fate to Paper Monsters, Android is certainly the home of many great action platform titles.  Add DinoFour to that list of interesting action platform titles ASAP.  Why?  Because it features dinosaurs and we haven’t seen those in an action platform title since the Bonk series in the 16-Bit days of the early 90’s.  No, it is because the developers are not scared to try new things, hearkening even farther back in the world of retrogaming while they were at it.

Anyone remember that old title on the Nintendo Entertainment System named Metal Storm?  It featured gameplay that allowed players the opportunity to turn the ceiling into the floor and vice versa.  This simple mechanic was revolutionary back in the day, long before we got titles like Portal.  DinoFour features this little play mechanic and it still works, making me wonder why more developers have not used it in their 2D action platform titles.

In DinoFour you take control of one out of four dinosaurs that is looking for their eggs.  No, this is not a rip on Angry Birds so calm down.  There are 70+ levels to take on and complete which is not going to be easy since there are plenty of puzzles and other obstacles to overcome.  Using the special abilities of each dinosaur will help you get around the levels, you just have to be knowledgeable of those powers and realize when to use them.

There are hints of another classic title in DinoFour, The Lost Vikings by Blizzard.  The graphics of DinoFour are colorful and interesting enough to keep things moving forward- you won’t have any trouble spotting cliffs, places you can’t go and enemies.  This makes it ideal for younger players that might be interested in giving DinoFour a go.

DinoFour by Craig Eats Crayons
Platform: Android
Genre: Action Platform
Rated: Everyone
Available now on Google Play