Domination Brings Risk Style Strategy to Android

Who doesn’t remember playing Risk with an older/younger sibling, or with friends, when they were younger?  Risk was THE game for me and my friends when we reached the 14+ age range, it is still one of the few board games that I cannot get enough of, especially against someone that can strategize and understands the intricacies of the situation.  The problem is finding an opponent locally that has that experience.  Now with Domination, available for Android, I can have a similar experience on my phone.  This is great news for Risk fans, who have already headed over to Google Play to grab a copy.

Much like Risk, Domination is going to require strategy on your part, no doubt about it.  Since it is on your phone/tablet, you won’t have to keep up with all of the little pieces or worry about the game board getting nudged (who remembers that “accident”?).

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Board games are usually a tough sell in digital format but something like Risk is probably better digitally.  There is online play, local hotseat and single play modes included in Domination.  Another benefit of being digital is that you are not stuck playing the same map over and over again.  There are many maps available, more can be downloaded, and countless ways to take out your enemy.

Domination is open source so anyone with the experience and understanding can look at the code, edit it and do work to improve it with a fork of their own.  By being open source it is easy for anyone to check the code and see that the game is balanced and that the computer opponent is not cheating in any way- when it wipes the map with your carcass it is doing it fairly.  Since everything is handled digitally you won’t have to worry about leaving the game for a bathroom break and thinking your opponent has been messing with your game either.  Risk with all of the major problems fixed.  That is Domination.

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Platform: Android
Genre: Board game
Rated: Everyone
Available now on Google Play